‘Tis the time to be summery! Smack in the first week of February we are and we are feeling the heat already in this coastal city of Mumbai, which is making us run and hide under the big leaf Monstera! Hah, talk about city life, urban jungle and plant love. This summer I am totally obsessing over Monstera print and here’s a list of my favourite 10 Monstera Print stuff to give your home a bit of green detox.

Monstera Print Duvet by The Little White Shop

When little white shop sent in their summer quilt last weekend, I couldn’t see the day beyond just being beneath it- tucked in with a pot of coffee and a good book. Then I took it to my hammock and everything else was done for. This is a summer quilt you gotta have.

Monstera Print Dinnerware by Chumbak

You know what? There is nothing in my book called last year. Everything is beautiful- some might not be your jam but that okay! These tropical dinnerware from Chumbak’s last year’s collection still holds true in 2018 and I think its perfect to host a cool alfresco summer party.

This Monstera cushion by Cyahi

I’ve been a long time Cyahi fan and I absolutely love their classy minimalist designs. They have monstera in plates as well as wall prints. Check here

Monstera Print wallpaper

No better place to look for cool stuff than Etsy yeah? We love this wallpaper and totally are eyeing for one of our rooms.

Monstera shower curtain by Junique

I chanced upon this sometime back and I was so sold on this leafy shower curtain that I went ahead and ordered it. Nothing like a long, hot bath with a side of Monstera eh?

So here you go, your Monstera Print fix for the season unless you find something super cool. In which case, link me up. I am to leave in the next one hour, bunk at a friends then take a train to goa wher I will be chilling with my lovely office folks, then meet the husband and go to my cousins wedding and also show you a lovely property that I am partnering with for our stay.

yeah, see why I talk about comfort all the time? Because I need it. All the time. Like I need my monstera.

Off guys

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