BohoChic: A curious slippery adjective

Bohemians were travelers. Refugees mainly, from Central Europe who were also called Gypsy or Roma people, and who were noted for their distinctive style which mixed textures, patterns and colours freely thanks to their travels. But, BoHo is not a shortened version of Bohemian. Rather, its an acronym for “Bohemian Homeless” which also is descriptive of the style which is carefree, wild and doesn’t conform to a particular fashion. Remember “Holmes for the Strand”? If you read, you’ll see how Watson documents Sherlock as one who “loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul”. So you can figure what kind of style we are talking here. As Justina Blakeney would put it, “it’s fearless”. Honestly, the best part of this is, you can’t pin point BoHo at all. You can note down a few elements but its really a curious slippery adjective!

Chic on the other hand is a French word that means elegant or fashionable.

So when a fearless soul craves for style that defines their free, gypsy heart, a one of its kind style is born that in my language is “Wild, relaxed, hair down, feet up, & good vibes only”. And you’ll be surprised to know how little it takes to achieve such a style.

5 minutes give or take, once you have narrowed in your essentials

So what does it take to get some BoHo Chic vibe to your home? Think like a Bohemian. It can be everything and nothing! Explore the decor space with patterns and textures tinted glasses, get in natural fabric and collectibles in natural materials, bring out your travel souvenirs, flaunt your rich textiles and pump it up with a dose of plant that’ll bring in the much needed outdoorsy freshness.

Note: Because I personally love the beach house whites, I wanted my home to be beachy BoHo so I played along with colours and textures that does justice to my style. You can use this formulae and adapt it to suit your own style too!

The Hub for all things BoHo Chic

Okay, this is what you’ll be really interested about! I partnered with H2Hshop which in my opinion keeps the best BoHo Chic soft furnishing in India, and used their textured fabric cushions to get in a bit of BoHo Chic to my otherwise {bland? Haha} white interiors and you’d see how with the right fabric, texture and pattern it literally took 5 minutes to get in those BoHo Chic vibes. H2Hshop also does beautiful collectibles and Artefacts and the ladies are so lovely to talk to. Right from the products to the people- they give off that happy vibe which I think is crucial for making happy products. Follow them on instagram to see their lines and maybe say a hello or two yeah?

A BoHo Chic day bed and a Balcony

Anyway, coming back to our BoHo Chic business: Because it’s summer and the checkered reds must go, I primped up my day bed and our balcony with a bit of BoHo Chic cushion love and methinks it’s turned out pretty cool. What you’ll really note is I have done absolutely nothing. Hah! Winning up front. H2HShop did everything! All I had to do is get completely confused in their website and choose a few cushions and stop myself from getting all of them. Don’t believe me? You’ll see.
Let’s start with the day bed then- the tutorial of which I have collated in a small video for you to have a real time look at things. Please pardon my pajamas though!
I have used Rainbow Trim, Happy Tribe, Ziggy cushion cover, and exhale in black and blue- all of which could be found here.

See, easy peasy, fontineasy. I hung up a basket from its hoops on a nail that was already there and added a railing pothos, added some terracotta {remember I talked about natural materials?} and cactii and ofcourse H2HShop’s gorgeous cushions that alone kind of pumped the BoHo Chic quotient of the place. Can’t get easier than this honestly!

As for our balcony, We got rid of everything in our balcony and treated the space like a backyard where we could swing and chill. Hung a hammock from the railing, Added a nifty little fiddle leaf on a stool and added fairy lights on the roof with a few tassels for that dreamy Bohemian feels. As for the hammock, we covered it with a white sheet and added H2Hshop’s Palace Garden and Rainbow trim cushions.

And there we have it! The perfect BoHo Chic refuge done #TrumatterStyle!

Go visit H2Hshop for more BoHo Chic goodness and come and join the fun on our facebook, twitter and instagram. We are doing loads of tutorials this summer and spotting killa brands- all- mostly- Homegrown!

Off to take snooze in the balcony

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