Sunday means scoring flowers. And considering our summer’s a blast already, I took a bit of liberty to embarrass myself and the rickshawala this morning: at 10 in the morning, we were both snipping flowers from outside a very famous college in Vashi with really young boys and girls {teenagers I tell you. They always give you the eyes} giving me the looks as they sipped some cold coffee right outside a coffee shop nearby. Clearly, tuition can be terribly demanding you see. Such hard work to learn math.

Anyway, cat lady chuckle aside, our roads here are overflowing with bougainvillea and a few sprigs of beevee had to come home with me in a rickshaw along with paint, bananas, flour and capsicums. Haha, for all those who ask me how I manage my work life balance with a full time job and a blog- see that’s how. Years of juggling and I now can perfectly balance the renegade decor bloggetr and the sophisticated slave quite perfectly. All in a jeans and T-shirt.

This week has been a particularly bad one with loads of stuff that were meant to happen but didn’t, and what was supposed to be a good week turned out a real crooked shocker of a week but its all okay. No highs without lows and sometimes one’s gotta just curl up in the comfiest bed there is, brew a mean coffee and soak the bad in with tightly shut eyes and muttering argh to yourself. Haha, I mean that’s what I do because EOD, this too passes away.

As for the good bits, I got to clumsily cling to my husband in an old pajama and drop a few tears unnecessarily who kind of understood that it was a classic mixture of a bad week + PMS so he kind of just repeated whatever I told and played the friend in distress. You really gotta love that guy. And I also found out that my boy Muzu has developed a taste for Lullie Wallace candles which in my opinion is a fantastic thing. Actually that alone kind of nullifies all the bads for the week to be honest.

It still feels so good to be writing nonsensical things in this place. Writing is still really my jam. I think I’ll listen to Bryan Adams today and do a little nostalgia Sunday.

Off then.
Goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the bad blogs bite {a fantastic example of this is making rounds on facebook. If you are unable to find, let me know}

Have yourself a happy little Sunday XO

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