Shambala. The new 2016-17 collection by GoodEarth, launched in celebration of the design house’s 20 year journey is nothing short of visual euphoria. Steeped in history, dowsed in romance of the ancient Silk Route, and soaked in colours sprinkled by perhaps the Eastern Caravans-from Indus in the South or Byzantium in the west- Shambala celebrates Eastern design sensibilities through Indian artistry and the result is absolutely stunning.


In a word- Shambala transports you to a place- a magical place hidden in the high valleys of the Himalayas with a grandeur that’s a well hidden from the ordinary world- and a time that’s gloriously gone by. Trotting around the gorgeous store last Saturday, as they launched their 2016-17 design line, I couldn’t help but reflect on “Kubla Khan- Or, a vision in a dream. A Fragment.” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.
So twice five miles of fertile ground
With walls and towers were girdled round;
And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;
And here were forests ancient as the hills,
Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.”


Incense bearing tree, ancient hills, sunny spots of greenery- ah, to bask in the romance of it all! Beautiful Celadon, rose quartz, imperial jade, serene blue and whites, and cinnabar {a deep red mineral mainly consisting of mercury sulphide which lends it its deep, brownish red colour} accented with aged gold define Good Earth’s “Shambala” collection and what a stunner of a palette to translate the myths and metaphors of the East to adorn beautiful Indian Festive homes.

I think I have mentioned this before. And I’ll mention again. When it comes to design getting what people need is an easy thing. But creating “want”- that’s where success lies. The Shambala range suddenly steps in and disrupts your enter pre-decided festive palette and makes you want to have a Diwali where you can incorporate a bit of Far East.


You see, speaking of colours, both Indian and Chinese design aesthetics celebrate it. Both do a thorough exhibition of colourful surface decoration- the only difference being in pattern and style. Shambala tries to bridge that difference. It unifies two powerful design style through the common thread of colours, and one that they proudly call “IndoChine”. There is the romance of East with silk brocade, velvet, fine muslin and linen and then there is beautiful Indian hand work like block printing, weaving and embroidery. Believe me, Shambala is food for soul for ones who thrive in design.


So What’s for you in the Shambala Range this Diwali?

Beautiful linen, bedspreads, cushions that demand celebration and gorgeous China- both accents and crockery. If you have GoodEarth’s existing collections and previous collections, you can very well strike a set with Shambala. The designs are etched keeping in mind how effortlessly will it flow into GoodEarth’s older lines. Plus 100 for very thoughtful designing, not that they need my validation yeah?


Festive Styling Tips With Shambala

Do I need to tell you what you should be doing with a line that spills grandeur from every pore? And yet! This is a genetic or behavioural defect that I cannot keep myself from throwing an idea or two.

1. Candles: Get your hands on a few beautiful oriental carved candles that smell like heaven and replace diyas with the former. Create vignettes with varied pillar candles and flaunt a cake stand or two to display them.


2. Cushion & Shams: For people with love for negative space like moi, a Shambala cushion might just be the perfect pop of colour you are looking for. A bit of celadon and cinnabar can effortlessly get in oriental plush to your space without being too over the top.


3. Vases: I am specially in love with the wee rose quartz vases that are perfect for festive colour palettes: whether you want to do all warm or all cool or a mixture of both with navy, orange and fuchsia Shambala offers a wide range of accents and vases that I think will complement your palettes, unless you want a style that calls for funk, 80’s, or Neon. No really, I am in love with their rose quartz vases.

4. Wallpapers: Specially created for Nilaya, the Shambala wallpapers are so gorgeous that it’s not legit. A look and I was instantly like, “How about getting an accent wall this Diwali Rukmini Ray Kadam? Or maybe use the wallpaper to DIY a beautiful piece of furniture?” Now that I think, why not!


5. China: The Shambala range celebrates beautiful Oriental designs and I think the interpretations are most pronounced in its China. Whether blue and white crockery that are sourced from China or the pale turquoise and celadon pieces adorned with depictions of cherry blossom- your Taash parties will never be the same again with these in the vicinity.


I can completely go on and on with ideas but I am not sure you need mine. This is a range that inspires. It will inspire you on its own! And its also 950 words so which means I should tear myself away from this space.

Letter To GoodEarth

Thank you wonderful people at jolly GoodEarth for sharing your design story with me so I could share the gorgeous Shambala range with everyone I know. And yeah, thanks for the gorgeous Shambala candle and the hammered metal stand- I now have the most perfect subject to kickstart my vignettes. Some dried tealeaves, a copper mule mug and I am all set. Why dried tea leaves? Well, why molecular gastronomy? Home decor is not just about putting pretty things together. It’s a complete experience. This is the closest humans will ever get to Teleportation!
I wanted some festive, I wanted some fall and I wanted some East so yes, here it is!


Must scoot. Go bathe in gorgeousness.

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