Diwali! Ah, you gotta love this festival of lights. And this year, to celebrate one of my favourite festival, Trumatter- which is me, yours truly- has partnered with a few amazing brands to get you fabulous Diwali decor ideas, party decor tips, gifting and buying ideas, styling ideas and best picks of the season, so you can get a heads up on the best of decor world. Step 1 is home and palette!

To begin with let’s look at a few moodboards that UrbanLadder and I have collated to help you kick-start the festive decorating. Now, before I begin, let me tell you, in here you will find palettes that challenge convention. With the very utterance of the word festive we tend to incline towards gold, silver, shine and shimmer. And I am not saying that’s a bad thing. Remotely. But you’ll agree that there are beautiful adrenaline perks involved in doing things differently, yeah? And while I have roped in a bit of shimmer too, the overall theme of my palettes is “Timeless”- just like the little joys that lace Diwali are. So hop on in!

Diwali Moodboard #1


In my insta feed I raised a question the other day about doing a shabby chic Diwali, all clad in white, fairy lights and dreamy pastels. Surprisingly, everyone save one told me to go for it. Good to see the adventurous spirit in slowly seeping on in and that decor is not just about making your home look presentable anymore- it’s about expressions. It’s about reflecting your persona and the character of who stays within. While Diwali is generally associated with vibrant colours, I have taken a bold step forward to give my home “A white Diwali” interrupted with a tiny bit of shimmer and glitter- very “Tru” to who I am and what I love.
And I dare you to tell me that it’s not festive! Loved pairing these wall lights with a bit of pale blue, neutral, cream and white to complete the look.
Product Details: Chandelier & Chair Pad from Urban Ladder, the rest is well, my home!

Diwali Moodboard #2


Perfect for those who love sublime cheer with grace; A palette that extends beyond the festive season.

So you know, of course there is the legend of Lord Ram returning from the forest where he was banished by the cruel king Ravana who was later killed by Rama where the later aimed his arrow at Ravana’s navel, killing the demon king on the 10th day of war {which is also where Navratri comes into play with Dussehra or 10th day being the day of celebration; a day that celebrates truth over lies and right over wrong}. But to be honest, and specially to me, Diwali is a festival of togetherness. It’s a time when your friends and family light up your life and drop a motichoor on your white bedspread with you being absolutely okay about it! This is Diwali and I am in love with lights: both outside and within! And what better way to do the “jomiye adda” or full scale catch up other than your balcony, terrace or garden! It is October, the weather is perfect for an outdoor party- so get out and give your outdoors a dose of Diwali love.

While gold and silver are the obvious choices when it comes to festive decor, I have played a bit with muted notes of bright colours and a few brights to pull the look in.

Product Details: Outdoor Chair, Light and cushion all from Urban Ladder.

Diwali Moodboard #3


Earlier this year UrbanLadder launched their denim fabric bean bags and I think it’s the perfect thing to pull out on an afternoon and gossip. But hey, we won’t just do denim bean bags right? We’ll do a light to go with it, a few jazzy cushions to whisper in our ear that its Diwali and a rug too to give our comfy-Diwali look a completion.

Product Details: Denim Chair, Rug, Cushion and extendable Light from Urban Ladder

So go ahead and have a wonderful Diwali decorating ahead. Shoulld you have a theme in mind, talk to me and I’ll help you have a festive home that’ll turn heads. And to swoon on some inspiration meanwhile, go ahead and check the beautiful design book called Design Pages that Urban Ladder has put together specially for this festive season.

Bom Dia!

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