Diwali decor and a sneak peek of our festive home: that’s what’s up here in this hemisphere, if you were wondering. Little pretty lights have started to pop up magically in this house {it wasn’t me}, the air has started to smell festive and here I am happily dabbling away with Diwali decor with my new love- the mocha pot. It really doesn’t get better than this.


You know, I think after Christmas {Well, the cool weather, spiked cakes, decking the tree together and the whole romance of it all} Diwali is my favourite festival. I can talk about how cast, creed, religion- everything is set aside to celebrate this festival of lights and blah and blue- and which is very true- but for me, it an opportunity to foof with lights- one of my favourite element in home decor. From doing up fairy lights differently and bringing them in instead of just lining the balconies {which is tradition} to creating gorgeous vignettes with battery operated fairy lights and using beachy lanterns in place of terracotta diya or candles: of Diwali decor I am a big enthusiast. It’s a week to Diwali and I can happily tell you that I am almost ready to welcome the happy cacophony I call family.


Hah, and that’s simply because I think this year the prodding for get up and get the home dressed for occasion came in pretty early. And boy, in what intensity! First, I got to work with the beautiful people at GoodEarth, unveiling their fabulous annual range “Shambala” on the blog on whose fabulousness I am still quite drunk. Second, walked into my life was the amazing republic of Chumbak {yes, styling tips, how to style golds, how to add some funk in your diwali decor, how to throw in a party with chumbak and more coming up} who honored me with their gorgeous new #gold collection- on which I am literally ooohing and aahhhing and mooning and all sorts of lusting right now! I’ve seen a lot of gold in my life and can I tell you that Chumbak’s #gold collection is just the right amount of bling you’d need to give your Diwali decor that edge over others. I say no more. I must tell no more. And ofcourse, third I owe my early Diwali decor to these suhweet concrete candles I made last week for an article on Deccan Herald. Yes, I write for the Realty section and try to add in some value while at it! It all made me so fuzzy that I had to kickstart decking this tiny apartment I call home. But good I did because as I see it I would have had no time to do it now if I hadn’t already.


My Kinda Diwali Decor

So you know, this thought has been needling at the back of my head for a while now. Sure there are certain colours that define Indian festive but do we necessarily have to play by the book? Why can’t festive glam be dreamy, minimal and understated? Why can’t we have a Diwali that’s dowsed with shabby chic love and chippy goodness? I spoke about this on insta sometime back and I was floored by how everyone reacted. They loved the idea of doing Diwali decor differently, and well, ofcourse I had to oblige 😉

So here I am doing my Diwali decor in Festive Whites with a touch of seafoam/pitachio/turquoise- highlighted with a dab of gold and copper. I am not done yet but I think it’s screaming festive! Without a single thread of bright!


So stay tuned for the full house tour, modern table scape ideas for Diwali Party and more.
For now, I’m gonna go and grab some coffee and finish off what’s left.

See y’all around, happy weekend XO

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