Diwali table setting idea with Chumbak’s awesome new Gold collection, and a nice, nifty Kesar-Pista {Saffron & Pistachio} layer cake that evokes traditional kulfi flavours. This is what’s brewing in our decorating cauldron today and I think you’ll like what you see.


It’s studded with snackable tablescape ideas that you can also implement last minute and requires a very minimal involvement {yeah! Don’t we like cheat} They key is to “dress up” and Chumbak will effortlessly help you there. In short here’s to you if you want to win a hand without too much elbow grease. Hop on in!


I have been meaning to do something more suited to my decor style for the home this Diwali. Something that’s both simple and festive, without incorporating ‘conventional’ in terms of patterns, style and colours. If you are on insta and if you are following me that is, you’d know the initial train of thoughts. I vaguely knew in my head that I wanted to do white and metal but I wasn’t quite aware it was going to be Gold 🙂 I feel like telling Gold what Paul Child said to Julia child: One day, we were just hanging out and it turns out it was Julia. It was julia all along! Haha, yeah decor lady and crazy soliloquies.


Anyway, I wanted to do lot of festive whites with a tip of head towards shabby chic and a nod to beach style so I started with plain white and textured whites. I tried charcoal and warm brown with a tiny bit of maroon and it quite didn’t set- youknowwhatimean? I was getting a little hungry for a hook. A binder.


Chumbak’s turquoise owl cushion, however, came in and completely changed the game. I instantly loved how the bright pop bound all that white, and the bright gold offset a seemingly boring colour tone to something utterly graceful. And no, it was far from being the house of Mrs. Havisham.
Quite effortlessly I ended up with a Diwali table setting that exuded simplicity of past, the romance of the bygone but never yesterday. Hah! I took cue from our mock table to style my entire home. Now, that’s good design.


You know, personally, I think what’s really going on for this line is the fact that they are all statement pieces to begin with. Grouped or solitary, the impact is huge.

Second, the treatment of gold. Taking up something as scary as gold and implementing it minimally in adorable avatars gets a big 100 in my book. Chevies and geometry; simple words and brushed gold cages- this is dreamy gold and not staring at your face gold.

Third and the most important fact is you can use the pieces with a range of styles. You want quintessentially Indian? Grab some money plant, add in the cages and the let shoot cascade down. You want beach style? Add a candle and a few sea shells inside. You want french? Ah well, get a bird, get an accent and speak to it 😉


For those of you who haven’t clicked the link already, Chumbak’s Gold Collection is for those that are looking to add festive accent pieces to their living spaces which are modern and yet festive. And to quote Chumbak, “These statement making lifestyle products incorporate the beautiful feel of metallic colours and bright designs whilst bringing a modern day festive twist.” Well, what more do i say than you seem to get it quite right. It is doing it’s job and beautifully at that. Glad you introduced me to your Gold collection.


Diwali Table Setting Ideas with Chumbak’s Gold Collection

Without further ado, here are a few snackable tips as promised which you can practically achieve last minute for your diwali parties and Taash Parties. I paired them with seafoam georgette table cloth and set it off with turquoise owl cushion, blue glasses, a worthy cake, Chumbak’s triangle gold glasses and brushed gold cages with flowers as accents. You can copy cat or find your own with these tips!

1. Chumbak’s Gold collection ropes in an array of products in gold and bright colours that brings in festiveness instantly. For example, add fairy light studded cages or cage as centrepiece to your Diwali table setting. Use battery operated fairy lights for ease of use. Or use them as a vase. How? Add florist’s foam with a little water and stick in your roses. They’ll stay for 2 days straight!


2. You could use the gold glasses to actually make trifles and puddings. Imagine a beautiful raspberry cheesecake served in a gold chevron glass? Stunning! Then again, if you need a quick festive votive or two for your Diwali table setting, you could double these glasses as tealight votive. Add a candle and voila! Or use them as vases to display cute, hand-tied flower bouquets.


3. Serving beer? How about serving them in these colourful country mason jars instead?

4. Got small balcony or sunshades? Hang these cool daak-bungalow lanterns or bird cages with tealights/ pillar candles in to offset your Diwali table setting. They’ll look just about gorgeous. The lanterns are available in pink, orange and blue while the cages in just gold. However Chumbak’s previous collections do have coloured cages too.


5. Well, ofcourse they made cute gold salt and pepper shakers but you could add confectioner’s sugar and cocoa to it to serve spiked hot chocolates for your taash parties yeah? Come on, we are grown ups.

6. Need instant festive update? Add in the festive owl sequinned cushion. Try it with orange, navy, fuchsia for an ethnic, warm look wwith modern funk or use it with neutral and pastels. You could also use them with bits of neon. However be careful with neons because its easy to make your space look like a defeated survivor from a 60’s party.

7. Other than the blue owl, there are also some great Indian prints with gold in cushions- from basic to elaborate. Look for this cushion called Festive Elephant in Chevron. Yeeeaaahhhhh!!! With tassels and all. That’s what I’m talking about {insert Jack Black’s voice}

Oh the possibilities are endless. Head over to Chumbak to see it for yourself or find a store near you!


You know, sometimes a dish inspires the accents/crockery. And at times it’s the other way round. The accents inspires the dish! Keeping with Chumbak’s funky new range that takes a fresh approach in old gold and adds in the much needed funk to this metal and colour that we Indians are so fond of, I went ahead and made a cake that’s styled to trend- yes, naked cakes are all the rage, look it up- but dowsed in flavours that are quintessentially Indian. Write to me for the recipe and I’ll blog.

So go ahead and primp up that space without too much elbow grease, as for Diwali table setting ideas, you have about 7 tricks to try. Have a great week, share with me your homes and lets make our homes look like a thousand dollars without actually spending it.

To good, large living then!


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