Home Tour? Really?

I mean I stay in a 550 sq. feet home on rent so there’s nothing much to show around you know! A little hall, a passage and a bedroom and tada! The house is over. I have a nifty balcony though which I sort of like and yes, I like the two huge French windows too in my hall but does that qualify for a Home Tour? While I was still weighing the ifs and whethers, a very sweet girl told me on instagram that “it doesn’t matter how small your home is. It definitely shows that you’ve put your heart into it”. Well, now that bit I cannot deny. So a Home Tour it is- decked up and ready for Diwali! Hop along.

Oh, and did you know I am doing a home tour on AsianPaints‘ insta stories? The bedroom, livingroom and balcony are shot exclusively for the same. Come join us here.


The first in our Home tour is the living room which also becomes my prop in general! You all must have seen that day bed styled a 100 times, din’t you? And yet, here’s the room one more time clad in festive hues. If you’ve read my last blog, where I shoot a bit for Chumbak, I mentioned how a cushion inspired my entire room. That seafoam shade, cute little sequinned cushion that you see is the rock star that I was talking about. While some would shy putting in shades of blue for the festive season, I have {being my renegade self} gone ahead and grouped a few shaes of blue in cheerful little patterns with white and putty. The result? Drop dead gorgeous, should I beat my own drums here. I really have no idea though why feeling blue is a bad thing!


Drawing you closer to the centerpiece and how my living room looks from my dining nook. I am in love with this Malabar table by Urban Ladder and this cage from the #Gold collection by Chumbak. I think I’ll buy this too. These. Since the time I feasted my eyes upon this table, I have oohed and ahhd about its grain, size, convenience, the colonial pattern that’s so evocative of a dramatic era gone by- Gosh! Can’t swoon enough 😀

#tip: By the way, if you do have a cage in hand, you could add a plate inside, add florist’s foam and display flower inside it. Looks beautiful! I still cant believe I am doing a home tour. The owner of this house should pay me to stay here you know! I’m staging it so well, he won’t have to think twice before putting a price 😉


And these lights are on my chair with an Olie basic pillow! {Go look them up and you’ll thank me. No one does cushion as personally as Olie does}

Coming back, I haven’t regretted once buying this chair up from the “kabadiwala”. I did get a bit of “haha, kya uthake laye! Annabelle ka chair hai” or “hey what did you pick up..looks like Annabelle’s chair from the horror movie”, and ofcourse, how can I not get a ref about the people who defined B grade hindi horror- the Ramsay brothers. That happened too. But tell you what? Little do these ignorant people know that I am the real furniture messiah. I make makeover miracles happen. A coat of white, some linen and a bit of distressing and look at this armchair waking straight outta shabby chic store! I have written in my will to bury me with this chair.


Crossing the passage, this ladies and gentlemen is my bedroom. It’s really small and our cupboard on the other side so I can barely take a full shot but this will do for now I’m guessing? I’ve kept it really gender neutral and neutral in terms of colours too because on weekends this becomes a mancave of which I am a part of! The whole idea is to make it look good without having to do a lot. Lot of white opened up a tiny room while pops of colour offset the whites. By the way, that’s an almond tree and not ficus. Here’s how it looks as you enter the bedroom and I can literally jump to my balcony from my bed!


By the way did I say balcony? Yes. We are finally getting to the best part of this home tour. Now, this space I adore. I have literally cleaned it up with my own hands {count numerous pigeon poo, feather and level 3 filth} and it feels absolutely gratifying to see this humble space turn to something beautiful. I have been under the spell of Justina Blakeney and her beautiful Jungalow style all year and the balcony was the perfect place to get in some actual jungle amidst all this concrete counterparts. Because I needed the floor space, I used the grill to create a dreamy, overhead balcony with creepers and trailers and added some fairy lights for lighting. As for the seating, I created a nook for 3 with two very old chairs {the first ever I bought in Mumbai} and a sitting hammock. Yup, I know, here’s it.


As she would say, it’s a jungalistic situation in here!

I have huge thing for ferns and I let them grow unruly. Trimming just spoils the rustic look.


And that ends our humble abode. Someday when I have a beach house, I might be able to give you a proper home tour- you know show you a cat, a dog a few bougainvillea tree and maybe an outside diner- but for now, hey, this is the two of us living large in a tiny apartment. Case in point: You don’t really need a large house to live fab. You need to have the disposition to make any space you live in- beautiful. And this includes our planet too!

And before I go, here’s one last shot of our dining area as viewed from my favourite chair.


17 thoughts on “Trumatter Home tour: Small Apartment, Big Festive Style!”

  1. all things gorgeous :< – esp the tote bag I spy in the living room – where did you find that, may I ask?

  2. Lovely home- thank you for sharing. The ceiling light fixture in the living room – is that a d-I-y?

  3. A big hug to you dear friend!! Small house of a person who is big on ideas makes it look a grand and the most beautiful home. I enjoyed your write-up as much as I enjoyed your lovely home tour. Wish you a wonderful Diwali 🙂

    1. Thank you Disha 🙂 Well, living large is in your heart now isn’t it? Happy Diwali dear friend. Someday I’ll return the hug in person 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful home, and I cannot stop admiring your photography skills.

    Olie, and I love being a part of this space!

    1. Thank you Amrita 🙂 Love that i know you and your beautiful work. Over the last year I have seen Olie grow immemsely and I wish you heights in the coming year too. Happy happy Diwali!

  5. I have a big crush on your home, always had 🙂

    The white beachy look is so gorgeous. With a big dog, a cat and a 7 years old who got her own mom’s artsy crafty genes and love of painting this is a look I can’t pull of without turning into a cleaning freak 🙂

    1. Hah, thank you says the home.
      Also yes, children are difficult to keep away from beautiful clean surfaces- I agree. But then, whites are not very difficult to maintain. But no matter what I tell you, the tips wont work for crayons 😀

      1. Crayons are the thing I am the most afraid of 🙂 that an the fact my daughter has taken and interest in my collection of acrylic paint.

    1. Thank you Tarika 🙂 I was a little shy because well, really small apartment but well.

  6. It was indeed a lovely experience, I have a few questions though! Your day bed looks like a divan dressed up with a lot of throws and cushions and your actual bed looks like a day bed with the handles. I have to do a similar space and i was thinking of copying you. Since I am on a budget and a divan costs less than a day bed plus is more comfortable and storage friendly I thought of asking you for your inputs. Also is it okay to have a cupboard in the living room. I may be asking a lot of questions so please excuse me. I am quite overwhelmed with the project and you seem to have got it all together.

  7. Beautiful! I am impressed by your work. I enjoyed reading your blog post. Your blog has nice information and I got some good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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