Fall decor. Is it even relevant to an Indian coastal city like Mumbai? One which almost never experiences Fall or autumn? Well, probably not and that gives me all the more reason to get in the nuances of fall in my little apartment in Navi Mumbai. Like hey, if you can create an alternate reality just with the power of home decor, why shouldn’t you, right? And to help me get fall cozy is a beautiful ottoman in grey and a sweet teak finish coffee table from the “Malabar” range by Urban Ladder. Come on in to see how I do up fall decor with simple everyday things and work up ways to use an ottoman in your home.


Now, before I get into the nittygritties of fall decor, I have to tell you that I had my eye on this line for a while now. Since the time I got to know about this new range that is. And I think they had me at Colonial! Inspired by an erstwhile colonial aesthetic, the Malabar range is comfortingly familiar, yet refreshingly new. The gentle scroll of the arms, the uncommon form, the intricate grooves on the legs- the Malabar range quite effortlessly takes you to a glorious era making it absolutely Past Perfect! But do not judge as of yet for the angular design that upholds the aesthetic makes them perfect for tight corners and small apartments. Like mine!

Having grown up in grandma’s decor sensibilities which mixed clean, crisp, modern with old, colonial settees and armchairs, it is only evident that I would want a bit of Old Love in my home. As a matter of fact, I did call her yesterday to tell her this but unfortunately she could barely recall her own home. Old age has made her really forgetful but she did remember the old marble table.

I think I have mentioned this multiple times and yet again- A good piece of furniture is not just an inanimate piece of wood which is destined to live a predestined purpose. Your furniture are your memories. They are your confidante. When you’ll remember nothing else, you’ll still remember your favourite chair. Or atleast I will!


Coming back to Fall decor, I knew I had to have an ottoman for cozying up {yes, fall is all things cozy and I intend to run it through Christmas..haha even if it means infront of the AC and not the fireplace} and I also wanted it to not look out of place with my all white furniture so I paired it with Urban Ladder’s Coffee Table from the same range. With their grooved legs, simple stout design and the beautiful dark teak finish- together, they lend this wonderful old world ambience to my living room that’s far from being dated. I love how the dark woody notes and fresh greys add in a bit of Fall drama while making it look cozy, warm and inviting at the same time. Take a look at how the beautiful dark teak breaks in the white but only to bind them together.


So yeah, if you want a bit of Fall decor to make you feel oh-so-November ish, here are a few simple tips

Take colour cue from your coffee: Like your coffee makes you feel fuzzy, so should your Fall-Winter decor. This is not a rule, but this is how I like to feel. Plus colours that are low on contrast and dark in colours bring in fall quite instantly- specially if there is a wee nip in the air. But do not crowd your home with dark fall colours as it could make it look gloomy.

Comfort Furniture that makes you cozy up: Autumn means a good latte in the morning with a shawl and a good book and wine with a good movie on a lovely little sofa. Or cuddling up with your puppy while he lays on your feet on a good ottoman. If you have been planning on some new furniture additions, make sure you check comfy and lazy in your pick. My Urban Ladder Ottoman totally checks my two big criteria.

Lots of Layers: Soft throws, comfortable pillows and light blankets in shades of orange, brown, grey and charcoal can add instant autumn to your decor. You could try dull green with amber and a touch of maroon too if you are looking for a space that oozes drama


Create vignettes: Take a walk near your home and forage for dried local foliage. Add in an empty vase or group them with other fall elements. See, in the end Fall decor is essentially celebrating the change of season and the colours that define fall so that’s your cue. You could also get in tiny pumpkins and turn them to centrepieces as I have. Again, you can use your ottoman as a centre table if you have very little space. Just add a try and you could easily double it as a table.


I think I am keeping these two. Even if it means I have to break a weekend trip fund. Yeah, they are quite affordable and bang for the bucks. NNow only if my rattly little tin can match up to the amount. We shall see.

For now, I will leave you with a little Fall ooh and ahh hoping that it will inspire you to get yourself some fall decor, no matter where you live.

Scooting now or people will have to sleep hungry in this household;)
Bye now and a happy fall Y’all!

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