Happy Diwali from the trumatter clan. You know, I was wondering what to write as the headline of this post when I remembered how a lot of people tell “aaj uska happy birthday hai” {today is his/her happy birthday}. It’s damn funny and too great an inspiration to not use in Trumatter- a place where all things design, food, stupid and silly is of extreme significance. So, yeah, here is it- Trumatter’s Happy Diwali home.

DiwaliIt’s hot and humid here in India and the bougainvillea god is very pleased with the weather. The result is for your perusal. I love this plant. They are drought resistant, hardy and does very well in a weather like ours.

Happy DiwaliGrouped a couple of candles in a caddy my husband got as gift. Yes, that’s a Kilner. Expensive as Aishwarya Rai’s hairclip but man! Do I love them. Just in case you want to know:

Kilner jars from limeroad.com

Rose Tin Candle: Amazon.in

Fig and pear candle: The elephant company

Pillar candles: Merchants market

Happy Diwali mirrorI am all in for grouping jars when it comes to lighting candles. These storage jars have been put to good use and they almost told me, “hey thanks. We weren’t very happy storing chilli powder and turmeric anyway”. Took a sliver of left over fabric in chevron, grouped this purple, blue and transparent jars on my dining for Diwali. Whadayasay?

Diwali1I’ve been asked many times about these cushions- which brand, which store, which online place. This dear readers is from sector 9 vashi market. It’s a filthy place full of scurrying cats and vegetable vendors but if you are willing to brave that and take a left you’ll find fabulous cotton fabric by the yard. With meters ranging from 100 to 250 rupees a meter, this is my trumpcard. Cornered all of them under 800 bucks including stitching. Add a 100 for conveyance. Still cheap eh? The ribbon is a Safomasi ribbon which they kindly sent across. Do yo know Safomasi? Man, you should totally check them out if you are into home furnishing and decor. They are the anthropologie of India. Or will soon be.


The lights have been hung on the windows and doors. Flowers have been bought. A set of new clothes have been bought too and now I shall be packing the wee gifts I bought for family. I hope you enjoyed this little Diwali Home snippets. Really short of time…gotta run with skateboards.

Have a lovely Diwali Y’all!


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