Morning ladies. Howzitgoin? Gave an old, battered chair a Monica Belluci of a makeover with Asian Paints Caribbean Sky and the change is happily irreversible. If you did not get the joke, you deserve to see Spectre. That is also one of the worst Bond movies I have ever, ever laid my eyes on.

But more about that later. For now, here’s to you- a rags to riches story {in furniture world}- ladies and gentlemen- brace yourselves as I unveil miss chair who was born in a fancy shop {maybe} and then thrownaway by its owner only to be rotting in a corner of koperkhairane {yes, a place in here} until the great Trumatter with her almost empty wallet and the need for an instant chair picked her up- willing to take her chances. Feel the drama?


When I got the chair home, she wore a dirty brown, some hideous animal print meets wild grass extravaganza in velvet and things were aesthetically quite cancerous, if I may say. Here’s how I bought her home:

Chair BeforeThe nails were so rusty and hard, I had it to take it to a shop which upholsters sofa to take the cloth down. It is also here that I draped the fabric I chose for my chair. I do not have big staplers that they have- although I ordered one now- But it was pretty simple. Just take the old fabric down, put the new fabric on the batting and foam which was alright and staple. For the back (because the back is covered with fabric too, we covered front and back.


Colour and fabricI narrowed down the fabric and the colour. Typically, I would pick the colour first and then go on to select fabric, but in this case I chose the fabric first. There is no such rules you see! You just have to let your creative inspiration start at one point and often one hook is enough to build an entire theme. Just go with it!

I thought Asian Paints colour of the year- Coral Radiance will be a good change from all those whites- you know, a one off piece/accent furniture of sorts- but I think I have still some way to go to be able to incorporate a vibrant warm orange in my decor. I love the colour but I a not sure my room will take it well. At one time, I was in such a miserable state that I had to tweet out! Thanks to a few good men- yeah, men- that I finally opted for Caribbean Sky. I am telling you- it is difficult to choose colours. They are all so sweet and smooch: man! Summer song is probably one of my favorite shades in the Blue Green section. I like the lovely sea-foam tinge underneath a soft green. Too bad my fabric was close to Caribbean sky! But no regrets.

Here’s how she looked with new fabric and a paint job:

Chair_with fabric

I used Asian Paints Apcolite and not the regular synthetic emulsion paint, and surprisingly this was a lot better to work with.

> The paint is thicker

> Coats even

> Dries quick

> You can just wash your hands and the brush and its gone! No turpentine and hours of scrubbing.

> The finish is matte and is absolutely fabulous. It’s satiny to touch

So, here’s to you madame chair after heavy sanding, buffing and two coats of Asian Paints Caribbean Sky

Chair_FinalExcuse the blurriness: Phone photos/lowlight. Haha, I got a bottle of turpentine but it never found use. Fortunately and unfortunately. Who cares when your chair looks so good that its fit for the finest cafe in Mumbai! No? Maybe a better picture then should concrete the belief.

Chair Makeover Trumatter

What do you think? Am I going to be an MP in furniture heaven, or am I going to be an MP in furniture heaven 😉 Share your ideas, thought, #betterit 2 bits and lets talk home decor.

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