So yeah, what’s a perfect sofa? On a quiet summer afternoon, after having a wonderful brainstorming session with the equally wonderful S from UrbanLadder, I got lost in some furniture philosophy. Little did I know that she was leading me to a change that’ll redefine how we think of the word “Perfect”. If you want to find out what makes a perfect sofa, grab your cuppa and hop along! You’ll be surprised to find the secret that makes it perfect.

You know, as a home decor blogger, I am constantly looking out for that perfect piece of homedecor element. Whether it’s a sofa or a chair, a cushion or even a candle- I keep looking out for things that’ll somehow let you get the best of all worlds and make you feel absolutely fabulous. Now, don’t get me wrong. When I say perfect, I mean how snug it fits around you, how good it makes you feel and how beautiful it looks in your space. It doesn’t have to be a perfect looking thing! There is a whole lot of difference!

But then again, I am also aware of the compromises we make in our pursuit of perfection. Unless you tailor make it right from the start {and I have redone one too many of them} there are areas of disappointment that you either overlook or let it bother you.


On a similar discussion, when I was expressing my love for Sofas and my concerns to S, she said, “so tell me how would you like if you could get everything you wanted, just the way you wanted in a design?”

Hah! Really? You are challenging Buddha? {Because well- one must give up on smaller things to achieve something bigger?} Sofa-ically speaking, at times, we’ve liked the fabric but we couldn’t bring it home because it’s humongous. And then again, sometimes we’ve loved the cozy seating and the dimensions but the fabric is just way too off or funky for our taste. Worst is, when you like almost everything but it sinks you in so deep that you could barely reach the table to grab your goddamn tea!

She is kidding me right? Because with furniture it’s often the degree of compromise we are looking at. I have wished way too many times, “ah, if I could just change it around- just a little bit- it’ll be perfect! But that never happens”

Guess what?

Where the change you want in your sofa, changes the game!

Urban Ladder, India’s largest online furniture and home décor company announced the launch of a completely configurable sofa ‘The Apollo Infinity’, a sofa you can make your own, and it completely changed the ball game.

Quoting a bit from the horse’s mouth: “With a vision to design the perfect sofa which would appeal everyone, it took the design team at Urban Ladder months of research, designing and redesigning only to realise that there is no such thing as ‘the’ perfect sofa. Understanding that as people we are characteristically very different, the brand created a rather unique solution with the ‘Apollo Infinity’. As the name suggests, the sofa offers numerous exciting configurations, allowing new age sofa buyers to find their perfect match, the way they like it. The core fundamentals left un-assumed by Urban Ladder, the brand offers variations in colour, fabric, size, firmness and functionality helping people to find their own design answer.”

Just in case you are a little weary of reading me by now, check this sweet video that talks about the thought behind Apollo Infinity

And there are A 1000 Configurable Options!

From a single ottoman to a full fledged sofa with a reclining side; from a cozy love seat to a fabulous formal 3 seater and 2 individual single sofas to complete the look, and in 20 different shades, the ‘Apollo Infinity’ will allow you to get Urban Ladder’s ‘Apollo’ with more than a 1000 configurable options + many layout options.
Which means, all you need to get that perfect sofa is “YOU” {and perhaps a cuppa to tea} Take a look at the interface and how you can build your own perfect sofa!

Sofa- Apollo

What a fantastic hook to bank on and why not, because that’s what will define perfect. What is perfect to me might be ridiculous to you and it’s best to let you decide your perfect so you can enjoy your sofa like no other! 3 cheers to individuality.

My Apollo Infinity

Clearly, I couldn’t resist making my own version, and here it is if I was to pick it up. You’d think I’d choose white but hey, I am the queen of unpredictibiity. Chose a lovely shade of green called Malibu and I think with a bit of bright pops and a few plants it’ll get the beach vibe meets modern bohemians quite right. If you want to play around a bit and take a look at how it’s done, run here


It’s 818 words and I never seem to stop do I? Anyway, you go play around and I’ll go see to what’s cooking for dinner. Mostly a soup and I’ll call it an evening.

Off xo