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Welcome to Trumatter! Gemstone/agate stone cheese boards, trays, coasters, tables, mirrors, bed lights, counter tops and bone inlay chests will be chilling with us today, here in the blog, and we would love if you come and party with us. Why? Because I am going to show you how to style with semi precious stones, how to customize your designs directly from the craftsmen and flaunt them in your home, where to get them in India {and no, they do not buy and sell but connects you to the craftsman who listens to your design requirements and crafts exclusive home decor pieces for you} and whom can you get in touch with to do the same. I know. Hop on in!

Home Decor Agate Tray CollageWhen La Casa Arte emailed me- walking me through their wonderful gallery of exquisite homedecor pieces that are handcrafted from semi precious Gemstone and Agate stone, and their bone inlay furniture- my heart really skipped a beat. Sitting in the office cubicle with a bucket load of work that needed done, I remember keeping everything aside and pour over their website and catalog. If voyeurism was a punishable offence in homedecor world, I would be in jail right now. I mean they had me at “Agate” and the rest was just super bonus. Outright gorgeous is the word and I couldn’t resist styling with a piece or two myself- as you can clearly see. From gemstone trays that you see above to gemstone basins, mirrors, tables {mixed with wood or beautiful tops} and trays; In gorgeous stone choices like Agate, Quartz, Malachite, Amethyst, Quartz, Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Petrified Wood, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper & Aventurine- believe me you, their home decor pieces are to die for. And I didn’t even get to the bone inlays and mother of pearl insert furniture yet.

Yeah, serious dollop of luxury home decor swoon, and it goes quite perfect with coffee.

Home Decor Agate Cheese Board 2

The ultra benevolent guys at Casa Arte took the pain to courier this beautiful Agate slice cheese board {no wonder when I put it on my instagram, betterhomes&gardens shared it- just look at those beautiful sediment knots and the delicate texture} and it’s been on my favorite spot ever since. I use it as part of my vignettes and often as a stand alone centerpiece. I can’t possibly add cheap cheese and violate it unless it’s Bleu paired with Erdener Prälat Riesling Auslese, yeah? 😉

What an absolute home decor treat, this. Cut smooth from top and chunky and rustic from the outside- which makes it even more fabulous in my opinion- I’ll have to agree I have never laid my hands on something as pretty as this. I have swooned and mooned and ahhed and god-damn-this-country-doesn’t-have-agate-d many a times seeing these on international blogs and magazines but could never find a lead. I guess the universe {or the cat in Murakami’s book} conspired, and the lead found me.

Homedecor bone inlay

I took the liability to snatch a photo from their catalog- of these drop effin dead gorgeous mother of pearl inlay chest to show you how stunning their creations are and I think a corner like this will be my home decor goal.

What’s really good is, it’s not pre-made. You don’t have to settle for this. You could work with the designers and Casa Arte to customize it as you wish and that’s what they say is their USP. By far they have been exporting their luxury home decor pieces to majorly influential people and their homes {think Buckingham Palace} but now they will open their doors to the Indian audience like you and me, who makes fake agate stone coasters because the real ones weren’t available!

So chaffed that we will get our hands on beautiful semi precious stone home decor pieces and furniture sans the shipping cost.

Home Decor Agate Banded Tray

Death By Texture!

That’s what every single home decor piece in their collection is and I’ll probably go insane trying to narrow down just one. Anyway, as promised, here are a few sweet and cool home decor ideas with Semi Precious stone, that you can play around with:

  1. Give your old table a fresh lease of life with a centerpiece- just rock an agate cheeseboard and add in flowers.
  2. If you are throwing a party, get in a few cheeseboards and use them to group cutlery. That way, the cutlery will stay elevated and will be easily noticed plus your tablescape will look absolutely stunning.
  3. If you are redoing your home, think differently. How about a gemstone slab headboard? A predominantly white decor with a Blue Agate headboard should take one to Greece- instantly.
  4. While you can always use gemstone trays as is, I’d ask you to use them differently, get a small teapoy and use a tray on top. Add in some books and a plant and create a Jungalow style nook in your home! The trays come with detachable handles so you could use them as trays or as slabs- which gives me the idea of using them as wall decor! Just like you’d use a wall plate. And no, they are light and strong {bonded with string epoxy} so they will be perfect to hang!
  5. Create a mini bar- instead of regular glass shelves use semi precious stone slabs and use over head lighting. I can only imagine how stunning it will look.
  6. To create any wall into an accent wall, all you’ll really need is a chest that’s inlaid with mother of pearl. And no, you do not have to use it in a moroccan or Indian style- you could very well do Nordic/Scandinavian or shabby chic too!  Casa Arte offers a range of colours in mother of pearl inlay and you could very well opt for Norwegian minimalism with shades of white and grey.

If you ask me, I could just go on and on but I figure it’s already getting a little too long. Haha, I have this habit. If I like something, I love it and I go on and on about it. Im sure you know that by now, don’t you?


Oh and point no. umpteenth- you can also use it as a cupcake stand: just that if I’m in your home I wont let you eat them but keep them right there photographying it! I might write a memoir of a home decor blogger someday, but today is not that day. Today, it’s glorious cheeseboards crafted from ze dreamz!

Where can you get your hands on these fab home decor pieces

Yes, the meat! Hop on to casadecorshop.com to take your pick from a range of decor delish gemstone pieces

Alternatively, to discuss on a product and for sales and inquiry you could call 9530308866 / 77

Or you could contact them here:

Casa Arte Decor Pvt. Ltd.
NH-8, Amberi, Sukher By-Pass
Near Skoda Showroom
 Udaipur (Raj.), India, 313001

You can {absolutely must} follow them on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram to get connected as well, and see what;s new in their magic box.

1098 words is definitely too long and I must leave this space but before that, just one more photograph to show you how the Agate stone is used at mine.

You have an amazing time, now, discovering Casa Arte and should you find it difficult to connect, just leave me a comment and I’ll get you in touch with the wonderful guys.

Bon soir!



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