DIY faux weathered terracotta planters are done & I am so happy with how they turned out. If you want an easy, peasy way to get that weathered terracotta pot look- something that’s reminiscent of the old, French country look-you will love this. Best part is it’s 100% diy and takes about 2 hours in total. Good right? I know. I love me a good, potent diy too 😉 Come on in!

DIY Terracotta Closeup

It so happens- as Mrs. Khan from Breakfastproject would put it- that Terracotta pots have somehow ubiquitously vanished from the face of earth. No matter how much you try and look for them, they all seem to have revolted in unison and have migrated to France. Or someplace else. These days, all you get is bleckin’ plastic. And on days whe the feeble fate is with you, you’ll end up finding a pot or two which are too big and definitely not as smooth, or with its original colour. You’re just 100% on the losing side. Unless you diy ofcourse. In which case you are constantly winning.

DIY Terracotta Pot

I love a sweet planter or two on my desk and end tables and having found none, I thought I’d put my old diy habits to use. Seriously though, I hardly make things anymore. There was a time I would sit at nights and diy an entire dresser with fabric or wallpaper, and then wake up and go to work too. Now, I fish for time. Good in a way, but pretty sad in a way. My blog could really do with some more vitamin diy.

DIY terra pot

Anyway, so this is how you get it what you want, when you want it. Walk against wind bro.

How To Make a faux DIY Weathered Terracotta Planter

You’ll need:

An orange coloured planter {the lighter the better}
White spray paint or a colour of your choice {turquoise, black, gold- they’ll all look nice}
Fine grit sand paper


Clean your plastic pot before using with some water and dry it
Next, spray paint your planter and let it dry for about an hour or two
Once the paint is completely dry, sand it. You could sand it lightly to make just a little bit of orange show through or you could sand it more to get that really old weathered look
Because you are working with plastic, it’ll be really easy to rub the paint off
Now, add a plant or two of your choice and flaunt
Tres Chic!

Decorating Ideas with diy faux terracotta planter

You can create vignettes with these diy planters: choose 3 different sizes or 3 different shapes of the same size.
Use tiny ones with fake succulents and use them as paper weights or as a decoration on your car dashboard {add a drop of essential oil to moss and add in to make your car smell la la la}
Wrap them in a box and give as gifts
Make it to prove your diy expertise to yourself {this is decoration for the soul}


So, yeah, that’s it. Just a few things here and there and you are done.
Simple, easy and 100% effective!

Try it out, tell me what you are doing with this technique, let’s get talking.
Coffee now on the hammock and later a movie.


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