Well, this happened! Our TV wall instantly changed from a sordid media square to a pretty little nook slathered in farmhouse goodness. And can I tell you that I absolutely love it!

Now you may think this decision was based purely out of my love for vintage things- and you’ll be right to some extent-

No TV In my living room is not an option for us

I have been told often how that black rectangle do not belong in my white-ish home. And I do know that some folks like their television in their bedroom. But for us, it’s not an option. We love our television time. We wrap up our work every day at 8, I cook dinner or order in while my husband does his heebeejeebee workout {it’s too difficult. Don’t ask me} and then we take shower and sit down with our meal with either something very good or something ridiculously bad-funny. Or ofcouse, IPL. That time of the day, we would do nothing but this so clearly the black box means a whole lot to me than a good looking wall. But…it doesn’t have to look like a media corner does it?

The Problems. The real real problems. First world? Yes. But Real.

I am also whole heartedly weary of mid-century modern. I mean I get it. The whole tapered leg and clean and angular thingy do look good but its everywhere. It’s like the whole world is truly in a mid century modern era and we are living in their world. Go to look for a console and that’s all you’ll get. Weary. Tired. Bored all at the same time. And unfortunately, the other options seem to lack character severely. Very Sobhraj-ish. Boxy, woody, lot of dark veneer and worse- laminates. It’s like that black hole of a furniture that single handedly sucks up the whole vibe of a room. No way I was getting one of those. That’s truly one part of it.

The second is, a lot of modern furniture lack storage. There are two big cubes perhaps and inside those the wires and papers are going to go and party and you’ll end up with a storage solution that makes you spend more time just sorting it.

Also there is no such thing as a vintage TV console from the Victorian era. That sort of thing didn’t happen then.

So what does one do if one had to incorporate some vintage charm in their media area? Something that weaves the media corner with the rest of the room, which is rather vintage and farmhouse inclined? A piece of furniture that’s also fit for rentals, doesn’t eat up floor space and lives for years to come? And not to forget, lots of storage? Well…

Ditch the console. Add a vintage buffet! Simple as it gets

But, I had to be careful with the buffet idea because my home is barely a tiny 500 sqft. And a traditional piece of furniture can look quite bulky if not done right. My mental check points were- A) The console must be white because we have a gorgeous wooden dining of which I do not want to dilute the essence of. B) I dont want it to look too dark because the TV is a big black box. 3) Must have some floor space clearance because wires tend to collect dust and a little free space in there will not block the space completely.

And hence we turned to the experts: BeVintage and their magic wands

Custom made to perfection, with 7 dedicated storage area and a beautiful distressed finish, our buffet-tv-console by BeVintage is the best piece of furniture we have ever invested in. Because its custom made, the length was absolutely perfect. 3 dedicated storage area takes care of all the remotes and wires and casts and bills (yes, that you often keep on the TV table as they come). Two separate storage on either side is perfect to store and display your books- Yes!!! Hurrah! Some glass in there. And thanks to it being raised, one can very easily use the space below to either stash baskets or keep it as is! My cats sleep there in the mornings. Haha, I love it!

It’s also made of 100% solid wood so count of it to go on forever.

Completely in love with how the rounded, slightly feminine nature of the buffet balances the techiness of the television, and overall brings in softness to a space that can otherwise be very, very boring. And yes, I think I can rightly now say that a buffet sideboard works brilliantly as a TV console or better so because one day if you plan to mount the TV, you will still be left with a fantastic piece of furniture that can rightfully turn into a vanity.

Happy as a geese with this one.

We are making pizza today at home with sourdough discard! I must and must get up and get my derriere going. You all have a great day! Also, here’s a question for you before I leave- Do you like custom or do you buy readymade furniture? And what affects your buying decision?

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