So, who exactly told us that fireplace and flannel is hygge and not air-conditioner and mango icecream? That’s right. NOBODY! And guess what? You can very well keep that hygge alive, even when it’s 40 degrees outside. Question is, are you ready for some summer hygge?

I always associate cozy with winter. And while at it, also make a big (very dramatic if you ask me) deal of it and of Christmas and soak in the whole winter-cozy feeling in our feebly-weebly winter. If you follow me for a while, you already know that by now. But strangely enough, I never quite thought summers can be made very hyggelight too: all it needs is a little change of form is all!

So this year, I rolled up my sleeves, got my summer chops on and made a folder called “Endless Summer” in my computer to document the many hyggeligt summers of my life! The present and the yet to come. And in the process tell you too, how to keep the hygge alive in summers.

Here’s how to keep the hygge alive, even in summers

Change your tabletop decor to reflect the summer mood: Remember how you add pine cones and hot chocolate scented candles in the winter? Do the same for summer! A freshly cut branch of flowers, a few old books tied with ribbons in pastel shades, a patchouli or neroli candle, and ofcourse, a green plant or two. Adding little touches of summer around the house or what summer means to you can quickly make you fall in love with the season.

Switch to linen in white, natural & beige: Linen adds so much mood to your summer home! It literally creates the canvas for a balmy summer home & it truly is to summer what checkered flannel is to winter. And it is absolutely delightful to curl up in a wad of soft linen and drink beautiful single estate coffees. Can be nescafe too! Who am I to say what coffee is hyggelight for you?

Also, don’t restrict your linen to bedding only. Take it to your drapes and cushions too. There is something very endearing about natural fabric and how it looks against light.

Fresh or dried flowers: Treat flowers like you’d treat mini christmas trees in winter. Add lots and lots of fresh flowers in your side tables, end tables, coffee tables and dining area. Don’t forget to add a bunch in your bath and your kitchen.

The right scent & how to layer it : Instill that summer feeling with little scented candles all around; the waft of it reminding you of the beautiful days & gardens full of flowers as you pass by! But careful, too much of it can be very chaotic. Scent is much like sound. If its too much, it’s not ideal.

The pro-trick of Layering scent: Like bedding, scent can also be layered in your home and it all starts with the mood you want to create. You can go floral and summer-garden-y, woody for cozy and citrus for a more uplifting vibe in your home. Once you have chosen a broad smell, build on it. And basis the room and the purpose of the room, choose candles with one common note. For example, if you choose a floral and garden smell, choose different candles with one common ingredient- in this case, say you chose Rose. So make sure all your candles have rose in them with something else or a profile that go along rose.

Jasmine, Lilly of the valley, Fresh greens, Pear, Peony, lilac and vanilla are all good with rose.

So now, if you choose rose and fresh green for the living, choose rose and pear for the bedroom. This way you smell the change subtly and yet the scents don’t fight each other.

I have patchouli in my bedroom and I have orange and patchouli in my living room and a jar of ylang ylang and bergamot in my bath. See how its moving?

Cook and bake with lots of seasonal produce: Baking related hygge is not restricted to winter only. Summer comes with its own bounty and you’d want to deep dive into the scene right away. I have been making a lot of sorbets lately and eating them post lunch, on a hot summer’s day is the hygge-est thing ever!

Get your loungewear right– Yes, show us those summer flatlays and your cotton kaftans cuz the right loungewear is very conducive to unlimited hygge.

Loose kaftans in printed cottons are my favourite thing to lounge around in summer and if you want to make a quick stop outside, just slide into a jean and carry that jute bag. Pair a wedge and you’re done! Summer hygge at its best!

Off now to see what to eat for the night, perhaps a chicken and mango-basil salad, and here’s how our summer living room looks! Happy Easter-Weekend to you


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