I am obsessed with dogwood flowers. I have been obsessed with dogwood flowers for a long time now. I was silently obsessing over them when the world was obsessing over matte lipstick. I craved for them when the world craved dalgona coffee- which was utter shit if you ask me. And if there was a dogwood plant and I had to cross 3 people with no mask to get it, I would wear 3 masks and get it. THAT is my level of obsession. There is something about them that brings in the beauty of mellow country life, slathered in summer goodness right into your room and I could watch them all day. Oh, and the answer to that question in the headline is not here. It’s probably somewhere in the post. If you are the blogger’s past history & nostalgia outpour hating person, please leave. We don’t need your kind of negativity here.

We like people who can talk hours about dogwood and bougainvillea and let us know of secret spots of roses. We like people who actually slows down and read and not just talk about it on social media. We also adore people who obsesses over chivda, cats and ceiling fans with equal enthusiasm. People who get excited about the mundane and everyday and common are our favourite people and I am happy enough to say that most of you who follow my work are like me. Haha. Such joy!

So (I’m hoping the nasties are gone by now after 2 paragraphs of no meat) to give you the answer, YES. YES YES AND YES. These faux dogwood flowers are totally worth your time and money and they look just as pretty as the real thing. Though I would have loved the flowers to be in varied shapes with large and small flowers and the stem to be slightly matte and dark but for 149 rupees a stem, this is the best thing your money can buy. So, let me write it down in slightly larger fonts.

Yes. These Faux Dogwood flowers are totally worth your money

And while at it, check the pink version of it and the magnolia too! Honestly, I am always a bit weary of buying faux flowers because most of the time, they don’t look all that nice. Most of them remind me of a garish 90’s home with weird vases filled with fake flowers which looked so fake that you cannot miss them. But I’ll make an exception for these dogwood blooms. They are just about the most adorable faux flowers ever! The likeness of them to the real version is spookily close and that’s a great thing!

Love it? Buy here. And check dogwood styling tips to get the most of your flowers. Buying things is one thing and getting the best of out of your buy is another. Make sure you do your due diligence on the styling bit before buying.

Oh, and before I end this…

I won an award! The Cosmopolitan Editor’s choice Decor Influencer of the year 2020!

Last night they announced the awards and I won the category! Woohoooo! More on my instagram about this…so if you are not following me there, come. Lets jam

Off and off! Have a lovely lovely day!

Rukmini XO

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