In #FavouriteThisWeek, are these 7 organisers from Organisewithease that are so cool, you’ll want to leave them out as decor! No, seriously! I am not just saying that!

For most part of my life, organizing was the less fun part of doing up the house. I mean my clothes are still a big mess and it’s like molten lava waiting to burn you as you open the cupboard but you see that’s not my fault. These cupboards are rubbish. Who could ever keep their clothes all organized in two cubes eh? But most things in my life now are in its place. Haha! Rohan would step in here, uninvited, and tell you that it’s him and his constant, “cheezo ko jagah pe rakha kar” is what made my life easy but I’ll tell you it’s these baskets and wire racks. Hands down. Since I basketed stuff and filled my whole kitchen with wire baskets- I know exactly which basket has what. And that’s such a relief. Then I went ahead and extended the learning to my bath products and also my study storage.

But then again, a plastic basket can do the job too. Would you have it hanging on your head in the living room? When it comes to small spaces you need to do some calculated buying; buying things that look good in plain sight. And these organisers from OrgaiseWithEase don’t just look good but also legitimately qualify as decor!

Here are a few snippets of my home with these guys working like good horses!

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