And one that brings all the nuances of the great outdoors, in so you and I can experience that beautiful thing called Summer Hygge or Sommarhygge! Oh, and if you thought hygge is hot chocolate cupped in a knitted-mitten clad hands and soft crackle of the fireplace, it’s that and more. It’s really that feeling of being in a space that makes you feel happy, safe, relaxed, comfortable and fills you with a sense of wellbeing.

Every season is a sensory party and why should we get the best of it in winter only. No?

Summer is full of its own charm and doesn’t matter if we cant go out and smell the flowers. We will get the sunshine and flowers in, in our homes so we stay positive during these difficult times. We did it last year. We will do it again.

In this series, we will talk about home fabric that envelopes you in all kinds of cosy. We will talk about utilizing little outdoor spots within your home- like setting up your balcony and low seating if you must. We will also talk about beautiful summer scents that remind you fragrant gardens. We will talk about food that cools you down. Ways to be productive when the world is falling apart and how to be razor focused on your life. We will talk about summer luminaries, yes, we must talk of that!

The feeling of wellbeing is clearly not just aesthetic add ons. So we will talk about easy ways to organize your home for summer so you have a clutter free, breathable home. And also a little something for pets.

And in doing all of this, if we can in the process make ourselves feel slightly better about our everyday lives in these troubled times, I’ll think of it worthy of spending our time for.

So yeah, you in?



2 thoughts on “Summer Hygge: Celebrate Summer with us with Hyggelig ideas for the season”

  1. Loved this piece. I would add tons of cold brew with vanilla syrup to this list! May I know the name of the purple/lavender plant in one of the picture? It’s just so beautiful.

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