Peak summer in. Cool and calm solids out. Period! And contrary to what people say- that grey being a winter colour and all that- I think Grey is through and through a summer colour and I love the calm, coziness and poise it brings to a space. Read any colour therapy book and they dreadfully point out that grey is apparently emotionless. You know what I think? I think no other colour has as much sophistication and personality to it as grey does. From mellow and warm to dark and moody- the right grey can take your decor up a notch and I think those colour and personality things are utter bollocks. And from wall colour to soft furnishings- grey can do quite the lot!

And no, It’s #NOTSPONSORED! Jesus Christ.

And talking about soft furnishings- Grey ranks in one of my top 3 colours for bedding along with undyed linen and white linen/cotton. They especially look good in linen or good cotton and mine is the latter. I’ll have you know that I have also found the perfect place to grab solid bedsheets and pillow cover in soft, thick 600 thread count.

Oh, and they are fitted

Livonti is the name of this amazeballs outfit and I fell in love with their products since the time we did a shot for one of their French ticking pillows! The quality is superb. The price- affordable and the colours are sophisticated, mellow and tailor made for you and me. No heebeejeebee and unnecessary “zabardasti ka” prints. I love them. And to add to the brownie point- fitted sheet! What an absolute life saver. No tucking a zillion times because one side has more length than the other.

Grey is also such a fine, hyggelight colour. It truly has that inherent quality of cozying up a space. I used to love whites in my bedding before but I think I have matured into undyed linen and warm greys. Haha, much like those stray strands of my hair. A wrinkly, lived in grey bedsheet is my jam and it instantly fills me with all kind of coziness! Plus, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to decking grey up.

You want scandi- go neutral and white with touch of green. You want boho? Lots of offwhite + macrame. You want modern Indian? Terracotta, mustard and jewel tones. By being a colour of no personality- as the experts say- it truly moulds itself with the vibe of any colour and I love that about grey.

So, case in point, if this summer you are planning on investing on good solids, let grey be one of them. With a little change in the accent colours you can use it all year round! And while you are at it, so check out Livonti, who has no idea im writing this blog about them right now 🙂 If you want to buy the exact same bedding as mine, here is a shot of it as shot from the catalogue and the link to it.

Its 23:17 and I must switch off or I will need two gallons of coffee before the first deliverable goes out from this desk. And that is no good because with age, the pleasure of a gallon of freshly brewed hot coffee gets dowsed in the pain of acidity! You need to think about these things when you are in the other side of 35. If you a young bee reading this and wondering what am I talking about, wait till you get here. Haha!

Night guys!


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