Bringing our popular series #MoodBoardsYouCanUse from the gram to the blog because firstly, I have been depriving the 4950 subscribers of all the real time, good content, who may or may not be on instagram. And secondly, I think I like this place over the gram, any given day. You see, I am a writer. I am that person who likes to do her “recollecting thoughts in tranquility” routine with passion and I wonder how I got sucked into a world where I am writing one line puns for people to laugh. Anyway, we will keep the sods for some other day; today, let’s talk about this faine moodboard that you can actually use in your home and homedecor.

And, it also happens to be one of my favourite decor styles of all time! Someday, somewhere in the Sahyadris, I will buy a shed and paint it all white and live the farmhouse life- raising goats. My first goat will be called “the big bear”. It will be a brown goat.

What is Farmhouse Style

Now before anything, let’s quickly see what Farmhouse Style actually is. The traditional one that is. It is a decor style that “eschews modern sensibilities”. Think of it as a decor that goes back to simpler times and is very in tune with the nature around. It is a warm, hearty and often practical decor style that is full of charm, character, flea market finds and thrift store scores that one mixes with new and modern appliances. Farmhouse style is also no matchy matchy by rule. It is very easy to go overboard and deem it all corny-kitschy if you don’t strike the balance right.

So do farmhouse style right

What should you look for: Charm! Haha. That is the word. Charm and nothing modern except your home appliances. Weathered wood, Light toned exposed wood, loads of white, handmade ceramic in neutrals, fresh greens from the garden, practical furniture that’s not flashy, wicker storage, vintage brass and silver, handmade candles in glass jars, antique lights, shaker cabinets, old barn tables, armoires over cupboards, vintage ladders, bar carts, organic cotton and linen

What you shouldn’t look for: Too much of country kitsch, clean modern lines, delicate and ornate china, everything matching, teak and dark wood, steel utensils, macrame and polyester fabric, an overdo of country style paraphernalia.

And I have the best person to show you what farmhouse style looks like- Liz from LizMariaGalvan

Vintage furniture in light exposed wood paired with white wooden floor is a match made in heaven. Spot the Swedish Mora clock on the side with beautiful fresh greens in bits and pieces to bring in the right dose of freshness. The barn table and the mismatched chairs near the mantle, the wicker demijohns, the wall-long cabinet- everything speaks for Liz’s spectacular style and in my opinion, no one does farmhouse better than her and Maria from DreamyWhiteLifestyle!

Also, haha, spot that little one- Cope Beau in his toy car- Liz chose it in white so it goes with the rest of the house too. Now that’s also how you pair old and new. Informed choices y’all!

So if you are up for a good farmhouse-ey home, check our moodboard and do your due diligence because corny -kitschy is not something you want to end up with unless you like it. In which case, you bloody well must have it!

Have Friday folks!

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