Top of the morning work-from-home dwellers! How have you been holding in your neck of woods. I honestly say that with some happiness in my heart knowing that we are all being responsible citizens & staying indoors. Yes, an outbreak of this scale is an unprecedented reality. The news channels are overwhelming & everything we considered ‘normal’ has experienced a stark facelift, and you gotta take facts as it comes.

But take heart for me, will you? Breathe. Know that this too shall pass if we all continue to do our bits. And by no means read Albert Camus. Haha, you have been warned.

And before I completely change the topic and start telling you about a certain vada pav, on to the real reason why I’m clanking away at my keys this fine day. We’re here to share with you some quick round-up tips that will make work from home feel like a breeze (or at least make it super comfy & all things minimalistic Trumatter Style)! In our last piece we shared the many places you can call your office at home, and if you haven’t figured where to park your derriere, you should check this out. And once you have, this is part 2- where you can actually start to ace the work from home log ins.

Get ready for the new normal, with (trumatter) style

Work from Home is the ‘new normal’ for a lot of individuals & it can be something completely foreign to many of you. But luckily, for the few of us, it’s been normal since a lot of years now. So, be assured that I speak from experience when I tell you that these 5 tips will allow you to feel like the concept is less alien.

By the way, rounding up the bright side of it all here…

Reduced traffic time, no petrol consumption & hey pajamas am I right? Life on a daily doesn’t pause & activities like sweeping, swabbing, doing the dishes & laundry shall continue to prevail but there’s no reason why work shall have to take the backseat. So, fellas, let’s get this party started!

Location Matters

Yes, we would all love an expansive office with teakwood furniture & sprawling views of a meandering river. But we got to make the best of what we have. Always. Pick a low-traffic zone in the house. A quieter space where most of the family doesn’t congregate throughout the day & if you’re a solo dweller then voila!

Make this spot your haven. A desk, portable table, anything that works for you. Then all you got to do is personalize. Lighter & cooler palettes work great for spaces as they have a calming effect on the mind. Bring in stationery that’s functional, pops of color via planters, pieces of art or motivational quotes. Planters, potted plants, tiny succulents do a great job of bringing in that element of green Zen into a niche.

Furniture that’s Apt for You

Working from Home is a 100% customized experience. Once you’ve picked a spot of choice (I love mine with lots of sunshine, air & access to my fur babies), make sure it functions ergonomically for you. Be it an office-style chair, dining table chair, lounge sofa or day bed – make sure it is physically comfortable. You don’t want a stiff back & strained neck at any cost.

Organize & Declutter

One word – Prioritize. And to share my two cents with you – “A messy desk is NOT the sign of genius my friends.” Purge & categorize what imperatively belongs in your work nook.  Let it be the devices, stationery & well-being products that will definitely impact how you will function. Here, less is more.

For that degree of personalization, get themed stationery in a color palette you love, post-its, sticky-notes, planners & organizers, whatever floats your boat. The joy of striking items from a list is paramount.

Breaks are Necessary

You need to lift yourself and make sure you get in designated breaks. Play with your pet, gaze out of your balcony into the ruby sunset, have a private dance party in your bedroom. You do you. Know that this will increase your efficiency for when you hunker down again. I generally lie down at this spot and read a quick recipe.

Have a Winding Down Routine

Its necessary for the body & mind to  know that much like a regular office day, even work at home comes to a definitive end. Do whatever it takes for the senses to relax & decompress. Pour yourself a cuppa of your favorite beverage, do your skincare routine, turn on that movie you wanted to watch, meditate & just simply ‘be’.

We promise you that this list will help you feel more on top of things and equip you to adapt to the times. Things are different, but together we can overcome. That’s a promise.

Love & light always.

Rukmini + Team Trumatter

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  1. Can u help me with my 1BHK apartment. Actually im not able to plan the interiors. It will be great if u write a blog of how to make things work in different ways for eg how a wash basin could even be used for storage. Thats way.

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