Now, lets just agree that a lot of us will be working from home, for quite some time to come now, and it only makes sense to set up a functional and comfortable home office that is both inspiring and can be assembled without you having to buy anything or go out at all. The last two words being key here because frankly, you cannot.

There are a few establishments who are delivering online, and I’ll still link some of the products here if you want the exact pieces- you can check if they are delivering but, as I see it, these are super easy Home office Ideas that you should be able to execute without any extra addition.

So lets head right on, before my old friend digression takes over my train of thoughts!

4 super easy home office ideas that you can do in a jiffy!

The Bedroom Wall Home Office

The bedroom wall home office: Have a wall? Then you have a workstation right there. Get a desk, double your dining room chair as your study chair and you are good to go. The ideal height for a table is 32″ and anything of that sort fits. Also, note the table on the left and one of the right. The laptop table here has no leg room while the other one does which makes two things easier.

A) Legs. can. dangle. Definitely more comfortable

B) The chair can go in, freeing up floor space, when not in use.

This is however a permanent setup which can be used as a temp set up too.

The dining table home office

A temporary home office can be easily set up in your dining nook given the chair and table is already taken care of! Pick a few flowers from your garden and keep it by your sid, get your coffee and you are on! Also, listing at the bottom of the blog, a few must haves in your office desk! Do read.

The DIY plant stand home office

Need to quickly work from your bed? A plant stand or any stand and piece of wood will work just fine. Think of it, as your portable home office that you can literally take anywhere to!

The top of the bed, bed-tray home office

Plonk a sofa open to bed, add that bed tray and get on with your work! If you want to see how we did it, there is a youtube video on this too! Personally, I love to work from the bed but that’s just me.

A few essentials for your home office

When you are setting up a home office, remember to keep these things handy!

A happy bunch of green

A bunch of foliage or any green can add instant cheer to your space. Working from home is not as easy as it sounds- trust me! Firstly, the bed will call you a 100 times. You’d want to netflix. You will lack discipline, get bored and a lot of other things. A little green will make you feel fresh and bring peace to you.

A tumbler to drink water

When at home, drinking water often goes for a toss because you are hardly physically tired or parched. A good tumbler will remind you to drink up. I use these beer bottle recycled glasses from The Purple Turtles

Keep it comfortable

Keep a cushion for your back, use a comfortable chair and a throw if your feet gets cold like mine in the AC!

In addition, you can also add in a candle, some books or a photo that inspires you! If you are using a table lamp, use one that has a longer chord so you can take it with you anywhere.

And there we have it! Armed to be happy and productive while at lockdown.

Must get to the dinner now, the husband has been very kind to chop everything. What a heart of a boy.

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