All we need right now is a bit of sunshine and the will to hang on to, for sunny days and I thought it’ll be wonderful to introduce you to Sunshine Boulevard whose handcrafted lighting, home furniture and decor accents make it the happiest store on the block. And I have to tell you, if their products were a mood- it’d be a summer morning in provence where a gentle wind is waking the house up- the sheers are in a state of soft flutter, the scent of lavender wafting through the window as I run my hands through the distressed top of the tables. In my very pedestrian language, it’s got them, feels!

But then again, it’s not just how it looks. Or feels. Great design is often not just the aesthetic part of it. It is also how sustainable it is, from whom is it sourced and what facets of living is it making better. To our knowledge, Sunshine Boulevard checks quite a few boxes: Namita is a doll of a person to begin with. AND! I say it upfront because I truly believe that good people make good things. Period.

And then its get better, when good things are made available to all!

Sunshine Boulevard started with the idea of providing a truly deserving platform for the country’s talented craftsmen & designers and capturing the best of India in lighting & home decor, in a price that’s fitting. And that truly changes the game. Because truth is, a lot of us don’t think mass when handcrafted design is in light. There are very few people who help good design reach many homes and Sunshine Boulevard is certainly one of them. Because good design shouldn’t be reserved for the privileged.

But before I get to my favourites…

A little about Sunshine Boulevard

In the year 2010 the founder, Namita Agrawal was doing up her new home. And as she went around the city in search of fine lighting and home décor, it was her turn to get disappointed at what she saw in the market- there were either cheap China made products or very expensive Italian products- the balance was certainly off. And this is something I have personally witnessed as well. Finding good design in a good price tag, and that too locally, was a mammoth task and in the event that you’d ship it from US, the shipping would kill you. Heart attack. Kaput.

It took me 9 years to realize that most of what we get shipped from the US are often exported from India and our skilled craftsmen make them right here. Under our nose. What an irony.

Namita decided to research Indian designers & craftsmen who were creating beautiful great quality products, and while bringing the creations to forefront also give a deserving platform to them, who often get no recognition.

And just like that, Sunshine Boulevard was born to add a little sunshine to everyone’s life

True to her fixation for the unique, every single piece at Sunshine Boulevard is either handpicked from artists across India or created at the in-house design incubator. Initially showcasing only lighting elements, the boutique now deals with a wide range of furniture interior décor accessories and design ideas.

And they are all about sustainable, natural materials

I personally love the fact that Sunshine Boulevard is constantly looking for new, local materials to develop their products and they work with banana bark ropes, banana paper, shoji paper, concrete, corrugated cardboard, cork, jute, fabric and all kinds of metal. It’s not one of your ubiquitous decor firm that’s nauseously proliferating as hands in China are making them faster. There is rarity involved here where every single thing gets the respect it deserves- and are respectfully numbered.

Want a Sunshine Boulevard Makeover? They can add a bit of cheer to your space

Sunshine Boulevard takes up customization of lighting & furniture and have worked closely with top architects & interior designers to create stunning pieces for corporate offices, retail spaces, pubs, restaurants, hotels, farmhouses and homes.

Some of their clients include –Amazon, Rubrik, E&Y, RSP, CSG, Taj, Royal Orchid, Brigade, Society General, We Work, RSP, Spacematrix, Tata, British Telecom, and many more.

Or ofcourse, if you want a slice of sunshine in your home, here are 5 things that I am in love with from their website.

This Vintage barber mirror box

I am not sure what I like more. The vintage design, the delicious distressing, the ease of use to turn your living room corner into a dresser spot because the husband is in a concall from the bedroom study corner or the fact that it cheers me up everytime I see it. When I amold, you’ll find all my letter stashed in here.

This vintage cocacola wall hook

eepppsssssss. Obviously.

This gorgeous metal table

If I had a garden, this would have been mine loooooong time back. Priced at 10,000 this is a steal. My god. This is just beautiful.

This drop dead gorgeous French Blue cabinet

A little on the steeper side but consider solid wood and vintage legs and that patina. Sigh!


It was for 14k, but now it’s for 6k. And take my words, if you are a vintage, chipped weathered lover, this is that one deal you were looking for. I want it so bad, I wrote the heading in all caps. Sigh, again.

Pardon me but I have quite certainly lost track of my train of thoughts and I will now leave you here and take a moment (few hours) to wallow with some tea on the fact that I so want this chandy but I cant seem to figure out a place! Which light should go to the sale section to make space for this is the big, looming question!

And while I do this, please go and get sunshined because if I know you guys right, you all will dig this.

Wonder where that god forsaken butler is (it’s me btw)


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