Hello! How you doin’? God, I so want to talk about small space storage solutions and get to the point right away but I can’t help wonder how is it going at yours. And I honestly hope it’s looking okay-ish wherever you are; and you are tucked in safe and sound in your home. What an utterly crazy time.

I first chanced upon Corona Virus When I flew to Goa- on the 11th of Jan this year- in the news and about how this virus is making Wuhan and Wubei very sick. While still in Goa, I heard about 3 cases in Kerala and immediately had a feeling that this is not going to be just another news. The rest, I am sure, you are all aware of and needs no further anxiety inducing mention.

But on the bright side- yes, I do see a bright side here and this is not to belittle the pandemic and its effects on people, of which I am aware of and empathize with- this Social Distancing and other habit shifts as a result of fighting the virus may very well help us alter ourselves and eventually the greenhouse gas emission. But this is a discussion for another day. Today, let’s concentrate on small space storage solutions for the days of social distancing is upon us and you might want to tackle that storage while you are at it.

While I have spoken in bits and pieces while uploading tutorials, I never quite did a storage round up in here. And given how many times I am asked how I store stuff in a 550 sqft apartment (trust me, I did want to pull a “hey, it expands like Harry Potter’s one of those buildings) but truth is we did some nifty storage solutions to work for us. In the paragraphs below, that is what you will see and I will link you to the product or tutorial!


Right! Let’s start from the living room.

Living room storage

The fireplace that stores and ‘atlas’es our TV has 2 nifty side storage section

I got this made in 2018 and you can find the tutorial here. The side cabinets store our christmas lights, small musical instruments, music-support wires, and knick knacks. Mostly lights and fine tools.

The living room wardrobe is dedicated to auto tools, gears, home tools and a few things my husband needs- like Helmets, cycle gear etc etc

Because there are things we need constantly, we keep it accessible.

The table in the center is a basket which has our living room linen. The marble top is simply placed on top of it. It’s from Westside Home Section. So is the basket on the side of the wardrobe. We keep our umbrellas, walking stick (hiking stick), hockey stick (to beat people up…haha), foam rollers for exercise and my tripod in here.

Everything that requires a standing storage are grouped in the basket

The basket with handle on the side our day bed has all small items that we need in the living room. Remotes, mosquito machines, eye drops, hand cream, small keys etc. etc. At times I stick in a bottle of water too 😛

The daybed in our living room also has storage and literally stores the lot- from rain gear to props!

Bedroom storage

All our bedroom linen, Christmas trees, woolens, duvets, sarees and some larger stuff are inside this bed. This is a hydraulic and is sooooo handy when you want to open! This also has our suitcases. Yup, fits all!

Just beside the bed is my nightstand which also has my womanly essentials. Haha. All locked in. Can be a mess but who cares once the door is shut! This also used to be in my garden if you remember. I kept it for a few months to get it slightly weathered.

My clothes however are all in a small rack that I bought from IKEA

The wardrobe beside is my husband’s except for one drawer which has my stuff in it. That is pretty much the essentials. As for my office stuff, I have 2 baskets below my desk which has all papers and art supplies and also diaries. Lots and lots of them.

The jute bag on the right has Rohan’s exercise stuff. Push up bars and all that jazz. We also used one of the compartments in the laptop table to keep my printer.

Kitchen Storage

As for the Kitchen storage, I have written all about it in this article, so take a peek.

Litter Storage

My cat litter is in my washing area, neatly stowed below this table which I use to keep washed clothes and stuff. When you must look into small space storage, don’t ignore the space below beds, sofas and tables.

I have some plans for this place but it seems too lofty now given how the world’s acting up. Ideally a wallpaper and a few open shelves but it can wait!

As for the jugs and pitchers, I hang them on this DIY rack and they sort of look great even in plain sight!

Simple, easy, small space storage solution at your disposal. Alright guys, got a shoot to corner so I’ll leave you all here. But please remember to stay home, stay safe and together we will be able to flatten the curve.

Love, Rukmini

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