Christmas tree and cats might not be the perfect combination but they can co-exist. I promise they can.

Given how many times I am asked about my Muzu and Michiko and their reaction to the Christmas tree, and the shiny ornaments, I thought I’ll do a blog on this with things I did to sort of avoid massive accidents, but in the end they are cats. Each one of them are completely unique and these tricks might or might not work for you, but then go on and give it a try!

Now honestly, I completely and whole heartedly believe that if a cat wants a cat does and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. Me on the other hand seem to have struck the right chord with Cat gods and both Muzu and Michiko are absolute darlings with things around the house. Other than dropping a few things from their favourite spots {I have now learnt not to keep anything in the said spots at all} they never really bother with the rest of the things. And that includes the tree too. So massive win out there. But then I will be lying if I told you that they aren’t curious 

The Big NO

They totally are! And the trick is to let them be curious while you are around so you can oversee them and utter a big NO when the curiosity has gone too far. So they know that they are allowed to do things but there are limits. This is true with children too I suppose. 

One Tree At A Time

The second thing that I did is to introduce things slowly. Last year, both my bundles were super tiny and curious and running around so we added one tree at a time around the house so they can get used to it. They’ll topple it a few times if at all and then they’ll lose interest. Atleast mine did. Maybe because it’s not food. 

Tea Tree + Orange Essential oil

Now this works like a miracle and your home smells amazingly christmassy! What I do is dab a cotton swab with tea tree and orange oil and keep it inside the leaves. I also have a sprayer with water and essential oil mix that I spray from time to time. They just hate it, and we love it! 

Give Them a Few baubles to play with 

Cats I tell you are much like our minds. The more you try to keep things away from them, the more curious they are to actually get them. On the other hand a few baubles set aside for them will not only keep them busy but also help them identify the baubles in the tree and think, “Oh, I play with that, it’s nothing great”. I know you won’t believe this but try. Here are a few Muzu and Michiko loves playing with 

Secure your tree firmly

Make sure your tree is firm and sturdy if your cats just don’t behave. Also, if it’s in a corner, you can use an invisible plastic thread to tie the tree with a hook on the wall. That way, even if a felilne invasion happen, you know your tree is safe. 

There is honestly no magic potion to get this work done but trial and error. I guess over the years these guys learnt it well and even when I don’t have a Christmas tree and cats situation, these guys behave indifferently around the rest of the stuff which I think is because they see it all the time. Or! maybe because they’re just really nice cats who redefine Christmas tree and cats term. That’s the KRA they’re born with!

Whatever it is, you only fail when you don’t try! So don’t shy away from getting that dream tree of yours and don’t forget to have fun with your Christmas tree and cats. 

For now, meow!

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