Whether you have a bungalow to flaunt, or a cozy studio apartment to come home to, Würfel Küche’s modular kitchens are tailored to fit not just your home, but who you are as a person.From single-wall kitchens to fully custom-made ones, handcrafted styles to simple marble cabinets – the brand takes customisation to another level -attending to each and every little detail painstakingly. And my friend, I LOVE THAT.

I am a creature of detail when it comes to my home, and I appreciate when a design allows you to express your individuality, rather than forcing you to settle and adapt. A hallmark of a good design is one that augments your everyday with endless possibilities, with no compromises. And Würfel Küche’s My Story series does just that,which speaks volumes for the brand’s appetite for innovation.

Innovation and Würfel Küche are synonymous
And you see itshine from their hand-sculpted kitchens.

You want your kitchen to deliver. You want it to look good. And you want it at a price that you can afford. Remember, this is not a time vs. health vs. money venn diagram, where if you want one, you must sacrifice the other. It is a combined effort where all three points make one solid circle. Take laminates for example. Plain, wood tones or florals – the cabinets don’t seem to have a life beyond this. With Würfel Küche, however, it’s very different. You could get a hand carved cabinet that mimics expensive art or reverse it altogether – like marbled sheets for your cabinets and granite/wood for your counters. It’s really amazing when you step out of that boundary you are forced to follow; that’s where the magic happens.

Würfel’s My Story series marks a first in kitchen innovation, and for that matter, history – with the launch of the world’s first hand sculpted kitchens.

But will good design mean stretching the budget?

While designs may seem extravagant, Würfel’s kitchens are still priced reasonably. With kitchens starting at just 2 lacs, they have already made their way to many Indian homes, and look set to continue to do so. How do they manage to provide affordable pricing? While the brand imports raw materials from Europe, the kitchens are assembled right here in India, thus saving on import and labour cost, plus providing local employment opportunities.

A little about the My Story launch

Sand artists, live music and a whole lot of good vibes accompanied the founders of Würfel Küche, as they unveiled the My Story series on the 31st of October in Bengaluru. Graced by the finest architects, designers, and other eminent personalities, the event truly marked a new chapter in history.

With 28 studios already open pan-India, the brand is clearly on the fast track to revolutionize Indian homes. Go take a look at their website to see if they are in your city! They also have a 10 year guarantee on their installations which, again, speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to excellence.

So if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and are tired of boring,functional, yesteryear’s designs, Würfel is the place to go. To see more of what’s cooking in their world, check out their website or Facebook page.


or their Facebook Page

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