Hello, hello ladies and gentlemen! Well, it gives me immense pleasure to tell you that premium Christmas trees are not hard to find in India now and what a hallelujah time to be alive! For most of my life I struggled trying to make a rickety Christmas tree look good while ogling at those amazing premium Christmas trees on the internet or even as my cousin’s place abroad, wondering why did God rob us of this really, sweet, harmless pleasure of life; whatever we have done to not deserve a tree that at least looks close to a real one. But looks like, it wasn’t the place. It was me. I really didn’t try hard enough to find one. {Life lessons y’all. Life lessons right here}

So this year, I got on to this super crucial premium Christmas tree finding mission a bit early on- count November- and after a week’s worth of calling people and writing to websites I finally locked down on a tree from TheCoutureZilla– who runs a shop out of instagram and imports decor and fashion products from China. I paid her USD 163 without knowing zilch about her company and I s**t a bit of bricks thinking, “Dear lord, what if it’s all a big fraud?”. Thankfully, she is a lovely, lovely girl who helped me get the tree of my dreams! I chose a grand fir- 6.5 ft tall and it looks so beautiful! The tree is a mixture of lush, very real looking Fir needles and bushy spruce inside and it looks absolutely surreally real.

The needles are so so real and the make is so perfect! One side of the leaf is actually flatter than the other which gives an almost uncanny real appearance and you can also turn the bristles on stem to adjust. It’s really really good! Also, unlike the trees we generally get, these come in about 10 odd parts- the leaves are to be hooked to the brackets attached to the main stem and each rim {that accommodate the hook} has about 6 hooks for the branches to fit in. You will also find all branches numbered {mine were G to A, A being the smallest bunch of leaves} alphabets so you know how to group them. It’s pretty straight forward. Though it took me about 1.5 hours to assemble and fluff the whole tree. 

A Little Trivia For you so you can choose the tree of your dreams

Broadly there are 14 types of Christmas trees that are commonly used- pine being missing from this set. Each has its own beauty and brings out the best in ornaments though personally, I think the Silvertip and grand fir are my personal favourites. I have seen Maria from DreamyWhiteLifestyle use a Silvertip for ages I absolutely love their slight blue-ish-white-green tones. The tree I bought is a faux grand fir- one of the premium Christmas trees available online and I am so glad I did. With the clip on LED candles, it looks absolutely heavenly! Cannot wait to deck it up. 

Got an early day tomorrow- we are doing a super exciting Christmas shoot with one of the leading magazines- and I absolutely must wrap this and sleep. But before I go, do follow us on our instagram page where we will do sneak peeks, stories and more tomorrow- ofcourse, if you are up for it that is! For now, here’s your dope for getting your hands on premium Christmas trees. By the way, I must tell you that it takes about a month for the tree to reach you so plan early. 

It’s 6 minutes past midnight and I must shut the pc and the brain because Muzu will wake me up dot at 6:30. Haha, got problems waking up even with an alarm? Get a cat. Life lessons yall! Life lessons! 

Off then


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