Summer Cozy living room details, an ulcer, no coffee or milk and milk products (includes chocolates) and lots of lacto ferments with a side of some water colour brush up. That is how my weekend was in a nutshell and I am also quite glad I took a break from social media. Frankly I couldn’t take it anymore. Not when I cannot have a cup of hot coffee in the morning. No, not a hipster-ish snob comment where one’s brain apparently can’t function if that triple mocha latte with a sprinkle of wheatgrass in a customized glass doesn’t hit the system. This is addiction. Any coffee will do. But one big mug of dark Americano was my life force for years and I wouldn’t compromise on this one thing, no matter where I am. And then ofcourse, I used to have our ritualistic Tea, Rohan and I, at 9:30 and then I would seal the morning caffeine with a cuppa around 12 before lunch.

And somehow, from refreshment it went to a point where I would get cranky if I didn’t let my system go through this toggle of caffeine. I should have understood then but you see, until something hurts, you just don’t give a hoot. Unfortunately years of that have somehow leached the stomach wall and gave rise to an ulcer. Treatable, painful, will take months to heal and bad news is, there is no coffee in my life in the near future. May have been the extra cuppas that were had to sort of stay stable post mum’s departure to Atlantis. But who knows. This happened and now I open the coffee jar and smell coffee before I have a cup of lemon tea. Welcome. This is what the other side of 35 feels like!

But on the bright side, I got some real live plants today- first set after December, when Pramila being pramila killed all my plants and I came home to ready fire wood and dried Bay leaf, waiting to be bottled. Oh that woman. Ofcourse I didn’t get out. I called my nursery guy and got it all picked up. I picked up a few ferns, some little tiny violet flowers and a beautiful pink rose. More bright side, I sowed mustard and “kaala chana” for microgreens and “burped” my lacto fermentation jar which is beautiful and bubbling! This is also what other side of 35 looks like. Responsible for your body and an urge to live and eat good.

And I thought plants would be perfect to add some vitality in these times!

I have always counted on plants to bring me happiness. And for years I had flowering and edible plants in my garden. But unfortunately last year I lost them all. And I have been dying to get our little garden going again since Feb. The nursery was closed for a month, then the lockdown started and I was left with faux planks from IKEA for temporary relief. But this morning I was like, if I cant have coffee, I will have plants!

I mean, something’s gotta give! If I can’t step out, I will have a slice of nature right here in my balcony and believe me when I tell you, there is nothing like a spot of green to make you very very happy. The colour green instantly adds vitality and I think we will unanimously agree that we need it now. STAT.

I want more roses but this I will have to wait till Tuesday- that’s when the plants come in! Well, where do I have to go anyway eh?

A list of plants for your home + how to style & Care

Btw, if you want to know what kind of plants I like and had in my home, here is where you can read them all. It has a comprehensive list of houseplants that I had in my home and a complete care guide. Rabbit ferns are my absolute favourite. I also lovvvveeee burros tail, wandering jew and pothos.

Plants that add texture and drama- I generally prefer them on side tables. They become the perfect focal point

Plants that are petit and has tiny flowers, I love them on my dining grouped with a few seasonal elements. Like for example, in this summer cozy tablescape, I have a candle and a country style hen!

Trailing plants, I love them on top of my cupboard. They trail absolutely dreamily and my heart goes out to my gorgeous trailing pothos. Just look how beautiful they were! If you want to read all about pothos and how to style and care for them, click here

In the department of trailing plants, Pilea Depressa or Creeping Charlie also scores very high in my plant-love-list. Oh, I miss all of it so terribly now. Take a look at how gorgeous this is! If you so find this, by all means take it. Here’s how you maintain them.

As for smaller plants and cactus/succulents, I love them in terracotta pots and grouped together. I used to have an array of cactii and succulents last year. Oh, this sledging down the rabbit hole, laced with memories of plants past is not doing any good to me. Haha. I need some plants right now. Like now. At 10:36 pm. Btw, here are my ex-cactus-es.

Infact, I’ll quote myfavourite @Dabito here, “Plants are the cheapest way to add volumes of interest in your home” and nothing says summer cozy home more than a few splodge of green throughout. My personal favorite planters are white ceramic and terracotta with base plate but I do end up with a plastic container, I paint it over and never throw the container away.

As Massimo Bottura would say, we waste the most at home and remember to never discard plastic without letting those brain juice flow.

My Favourite Summer Cozy Colour Palette

Love natural wood with oodles of matte grey and pops of green on a canvas of white. I also add a lot of interest through textures- mainly stripes in pattern and weaves when it comes to accents. Undyed linen and white cotton are also one of my favourite things to use throughout summer. Over the weekend I primped up the living room and thought I’ll give you a sneak peek of this summer cozy space. This week, I’ll do up the rest of the house too so stay with me in here.

Okay, time to sleep and wake up on a work day and say hello to you on instagram!

Till then, stay safe, stay vigilant and stay positive.

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