Houseplants for apartments and the pretty thangs that jam in my home

Houseplants when displayed well- can be real conversation starters, and looks like I have one too many in our humble little Mumbai loft to kick start half a day’s worth of chitchats at the least! Most of my insta chats are just that and I don’t blame one bit…I mean Who wouldn’t want to talk about those little green sleepy heads that sway gently in the breeze- giving us concrete dwellers a nice break from the usual mundane right? Not one.

Considering 2018 has been especially kind in terms of plant parenting- and because I get “what plants are these” a lot (count every single day)- I thought I’ll bring these rockstars to the forefront and give you all a little run of the greens that jam trumatter style.

Now, I am not a plant expert. I have learnt pretty much everything through trial and error and mostly run to my father in law or the local nursery when situations escalate, but overall- I think I have figured this out. Oh, and barring that fiddle, situations never quite escalated.

Here are all the houseplants I have in my home. I promise I’ll keep my habitual digressions to minimum.

How to choose Houseplants for apartments

Before I tell you about the plants, here’s a quick heads up as to how to choose houseplants for apartments. When you choose your plants, consider these three crucial points:

a. Climate: You cannot live in a super hot climate and want a lovely conifer to thrive because it won’t. Look for plants that thrive in your climate.
b. Time and light: Choose your plants according to the time you can allot. Some plants need more care than others. Also sunlight is an important factor. If you have more shade, choose houseplants for apartments that needs very little sunlight.
c. Style: This is the last point because you must get all the plants you want. But certain plants look very nice with certain setting. Philodendrons for example is a boho lovers delight! With its large split leaves it kind of gives a dimension to a space. For a place like mine, fiddle and vines do justice with its large sway-ey leaves and dreamy vibes though fiddle is a hit with every style. A nice firangipani tree looks superb in an Indian setting and so does a hibiscus.

And of course, if you have pets, check for toxic plants as well. Thankfully my cats are like least bothered with plants so I kind of get whatever I like.

Given below are a few plants that suits #Trumatterstyle to the T and are perfect houseplants for apartments as well!


My home has an abundance of pothos or money plant as we call it. Requires very little time and care and thrives pretty well indoors- pothos love a bit of muddy water so make sure the soil is moist but not a marshland. Keep them in sunlight once a week and water thoroughly.

Plumosas Fern

This really beautiful fern-ish plant you see here is a Plumosus Fern also known as Emerald feather- clearly because of its feathery look. A branching woody vine, these grow indoors in indirect light and gets its perfect colour if you keep them in shade. Water twice a week or until the soil feels dry.


I have a Christmas tree cactus, a desert gem, an angel wings, a saguaro, a Nopales cactus and a few succulents which I water once a week thoroughly. Through they are desert plants, I have found them to thrive much better in indirect sunlight- Like beside the window.

Burros Tail

Very easy to grow and propagate, burros tail is one of my favourite!!! Keep it atop a shelf and see how dreamily it swings. Water once a week and keep a plate below so the soil stays moist. Needs weekly sunlight dose.

The Wandering Jew

I had no clue its called the Wandering jew but now that I know it, I love it! Hardy, does well in shade and also vines with pretty two toned leaf. This is seriously one of my fav! If you are keeping in shade, water weekly. If in hot balconies, water alternate days.

The fiddle leaf fig

This one I tell you is a little tricky. Loves certain spots in the house, hates some, needs indirect sunlight, needs cleaning of the leaf with coconut oil and water every month, does well in tight soil and root consitions {which means smaller pots} and needs watering alternate days at least if you’re in Mumbai. Occasionally, it also needs a bit of compost boost with plant food {I’ll tell you} and craves water when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil are dry. With this one, you’ll need to figure this out a bit. Other than that, a fiddle is a wonderful companion to have!

Plant Food and soil

I use potting soil for cactus with a bit of sand and gravel.
I use Cocopeat for all other plants.
I also use an all purpose plant food- 4 drops in one liter water every month and add it to soil.
Occasionally I also add used tea leaves to the soil and washed, dried and crushed egg shells.

Well that’s it! All the dope for houseplants for apartments you’ll ever need {and more} to jam like I do. One day when I have a porch, and some time, I’ll love to do Roses and jasmine but for now, I am pretty happy with my greens.

Have a nice little Friday evening.


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  1. I have been looking for Mumbai based plant parent since forever, because all i have so far found are bloggers from completely different climate setting.. so thankz a ton!

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