100 small space ideas? Haha really? Like I might be a lunatic to even think of cornering such a project given a quarter is lost from the year already. But then where’s the challenge if everything was a-okay! I think this lack of time alone can bring in just the right sprinkling of challenge to 2018, and I am totally up for it. Earlier last week, I had this crazy brainwave to document all the things that I have done by far to change my super small homes that I have stayed in since 2010 and I am documenting it all under this hashtag so people can see, use and make their small Indian apartments just as special. No, really though. You don’t need too much to live like a queen!

But so many articles exist on the same

It does. I agree. But point is, when you look for ideas like, Apartment balcony decorating ideas for example, all you find are inspirations from outside India that doesn’t do justice to the search because in most cases the balconies are open and ours are mostly closed with grills. The products are not available- though now there are lot of places that caters to our Apartment balcony decorating ideas and whims and third- budget. None of the ideas give us an idea of the budget we are looking at which scares people that you’ll need a complete overhaul and thereby a big budget. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Having figured this out myself through trial and error- and because I think good design should reach every one- this is my debut series on #100SmallSpaceIdeas {done quintessentially #TrumatterStyle- that goes without saying right?} that you can implement and execute in an Indian setting, for a dreamy Trumatter Style, comfort filled nook that’s just short of one sea! In the end of east post will be links and costs involved along with shipping time and labour involved. Ready? Here we go!

Apartment balcony decorating ideas: The Before

When I moved in, in this apartment of mine, I was blessed to have a sizeable balcony for once! It’s weird how the sundecks are because you can’t do much on a sun deck. So when I saw a nice chill-able balcony, I knew this has to be a seating/chilling area and not just a place to hang clothes. I also knew it has to give me that “under the tree and dreaming” vibes {which is like so me} and I definitely wanted something more comfortable than a few chairs.

So what did I do?

I Put my apartment balcony decorating ideas hats on and hung a full size hammock

Yup! a nice 11ft hammock was hung throughout length of the balcony with the help of hammock straps {that we got in from the same manufacturer we got the hammock from} and it carries 125 kilos. Hammock straps are amazing. They completely saves you the hassle of ropes, are super sturdy and sleek so it doesn’t look bad either. When you are buying a hammock, make sure you buy the strap- specially if you are hanging it in an apartment balcony. But that’s not the end because lighing and styling makes our apartment balcony decorating ideas worthwhile!

Balcony lighting options

You can add scones on the walls of your balcony. Add a beautiful floor lamp or do it #TrumatterStyle– lights for times when you want to look up! Often in a small balcony, floor space is concern so we utilized the overhead area to hang fairy lights- which are cheap, looks dreamy and gives adequate light too. You can also buy string lights in different shapes and colours.

How to style a hammock

I love comfortable, dreamy spaces that remind me of the beach. It has to be simple, cozy, hyggeligt and have a sense of calm about it. I covered by canvas hammock with a white cotton bedsheet, added a few cushions and a throw to cuddle in when you’re feeling sleepy. The side table acts as a coffee table and a plant stand when not in use. Someday I would love a climber to cover my whole balcony but for now {as the creepies grow} this will do

#Tip: Change your apartment balcony according to season and occasion. Swap the fiddle for a Christmas tree in December, add more lights and colour for Diwali, some fall leaf bunting for autumn and see how it becomes your favourite area!

#Tip: If you live in a balcony that opens to other apartments, use shower curtains as curtains so you can wash.


Hammock from Hangit Hammocks
Cushions by H2HShop. I am using the Rainbow Trim and Palace Garden cushion
Kierra Throw from Pluchi

Costs and Overall Budget

Hammock: 2000
Cushions: 1050 + 1120
Shawl: 2499
Lights: 200
Labour: 150 for wiring
Bedsheet: Own
Overall cost: 7019 INR

So yeah, that’s it from me and the small little apartment and we have successfully cornered Chapter 1 of #100SmallSpaceIdeas. Makes me super happy now though, bruh, there are 99 more to go.
This is gonna be insanely awesome. But what if I like fall flat after 50?
Well, Haar ke jeetnewale ko baazigar kehte hai.

Bye now.

11 thoughts on “#100SmallSpaceIdeas: Hammock Up Your Apartment Balcony”

  1. Hi Rukmini, I have been following you on instagram for very long now, and absolutely love the way you change a boring corners just with a little magic, but I must admit that I have read your blog for the first time.
    I have recently developed an interest to hung a hammock in my balcony and then I remembered you uploaded a few pictures of the same, it would be gald if you could help me a little.

  2. Hi Rukmini, I absolutely love your work, the magic that you add up to every borning corner of the house is brilliant, I came across your hammock blog and from last few days I wanted to hang one in my balcony too. I want to know what straps did you use a tree strap or chain strap, also how should I hang the hammock,as my balcony doesn’t have any grills like the one you have.

    1. Hi Shubhi! I used tree straps. The straps are available from the manufacturer and comes with hooks and rings. Also, if you could email me a photograph of your balcony, I could tell you what exactly would you need πŸ™‚ My email is under “Collaborate”

      1. Thanks so much!!😊I will surely send you a picture of my balcony till tomorrow.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. It’s a open balcony, I thought I would cover it up with the shower curtains during the rains, I cannot do much of the drillings on the walls as this is a rented apartment.

  4. Hi!! Thanks a lot for your help, I’ll surely do one of the things that you told me to..also thanks for the link for hammocks in your blog…ordered one from it😊😊

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