Oh! Hello humans. How are your squeaky self doing this wonderful day? We are doing very good, thank you. And we are very glad to be finally communicating inter species this Spring. Usually its us and rats and ants.

Let’s break the ice then?

We know you think of us as squeaky little creatures that steal your cheese when you are asleep but we are not. We are not rats. We are Guinea Pigs. We come from a good family and live in homes with heaters.

We love your movies and Kate Middleton’s style! Ooo..we loved her wedding dress. We are both girls in here so maybe one day we’ll walk the altar too in something similar. *squeak squeak*

We also loved the movie, “ratatouille”. So close, so close. That’s how its down-soil.

We studied rat-a-logy and majored in inter-species mass communication.

We watch popeye and love Spinach.

We love humans. In here, we feel no threat. As a matter of fact, we are having a ball here with warm baths, fresh grass to munch on and lazy sleep. You know we are not supposed to have alcohol but I really wouldn’t mind a Pinacolada right now. We love it above the soil or as we like to say “unsoiled”.

We have come home with these very kind people and we are loving it here. By the way, the rate at which they play music here, we are guessing in no time we’ll be able to compose you a squeaky rambling.

Are you still with us? Yay! You all are so kind! Of course, in all this ra(n)t-a-thon we completely forgot that we didn’t introduce ourselves to you. We are Fuzzy and Zoe and we are two crazy cavies guest blogging from the little, sunny apartment for Trumatter today. Poor thing, went to office and all! Our heart bleeds for her. It must be so difficult going to work. Another couple of hours and they will be home- the guy and the girl. Did we tell you that the guy here is so cool? He plays guitar, feeds us, cooks at times and talks about global warming, world music and politics. Seems very intelligent. Our sixth sense tells us that the good man is reading all about us today while he is at work. He might just convince the girl to get some bell peppers. He is our favorite.

Look what we have got! A hideout. Trumatter gave it to us. Tell you what? We like this part of the city more than ‘that’ part of the city. It’s noisy and full of dust and weird people dressed in clothes that sometimes makes us think whether the sun has come down…its too flashy you know. Don’t like. This part @trumatter ‘s and @rohankadam ‘s is good. Loads of trees and all 🙂

Pardon our unfamiliarity with the blog land and the lingo for we come from a place which we call ‘burrows’. We really don’t know what to write so thought we will write something about ourselves. Trumatter asked us to guest blog with the subject “DIY burrow” but we don’t want to talk about our lives ‘downtown’.

Did you like us? You can squeak to us here and we promise we will squeak you back.

Good-bye! Grass time.


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Sunday’s Best

7 thoughts on “Say hello to my guest bloggers today: Fuzzy and Zoe!”

    1. Wendy!! Yes, they are mine and ro’s. We got them yesterday!!! Yippee. Aren’t they cute? They are 2 month old baby Guinea Pigs. Didn’t you get my email? I mailed you with the subject: “Surprise”.

      We were thinking of getting a pet and came out that both ro and I wanted to have Guinea Pigs as pets when we were young and were not allowed to. So that was it! We just had to have these little guys.

  1. What adorable Guinea Pigs. Your pictures are so beautiful, I wish I was that good at photography. Will your guest posters head my way, they are natural’s at guesting. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

    1. Yes, Cathy, I do think they like you and they will head your way. In fact they are packing. Is it cold at yours? They need some weather news.

    1. Hello Janice from the Isle. We are having so much fun! We have heard so much about you! We are glad to squeaked to us. If the girl travels to your beautiful garden, we will come to visit you too. We love blue garden doors 🙂

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