Happy Mid week ladies! How’s it at yours? Today I’ll rant a bit and tell you how extremely difficult it is to live in a rented apartment. You are thrown challenges at in every step you take to beautify your home as any permanent modification might be held against you+ whatever you are doing must be for “temporary pleasure only” as your lease expires in 11 months. That’s even less than a year. So, before doing anything in a rented apartment, you must remind yourself that this has to go in another 11 months. This being first.

Second most irritating point about living in a rented apartment is, you are restricted to a certain lay out or color or even the shittiest pillar in the middle of the room that makes you want to smack the builder. Tell me one thing- who divides a 60 inch by 5 foot bathroom in halves separating the toilet from the bath? So basically, if you need to use the toilet, you need to get out of your bath, go to the toilet, come back to the bath, opening and closing 2 doors, 4 times. How hygienic and ergonomic. No? And coming to colors- my home has 6 colors- green, light yellow, basic white, peach, light pint and hot pink. What am I doing? Living or perpetually tripping on some crazy hallucinogen where my altered perspectives looks better than what’s sanefully mine.

Oh and in this rant-a-thon, dont miss the fact that in India, specially at places where urbanization has not uprooted the soggy, illogical values, its common to have the toilet and the bathroom separate. Reason? Hygiene. Hy-Effin-What? Look at your toe nails lady or maybe that cracked feet of yours- that’s where you need some hygiene baby. Not to mention that I hate you. I hate everything about you. From your sick golden bangles to your idiotic traditions to all the temples that are more dirty than a public loo. Don’t you dare gimme that bull****.

Anyway. Before my mum and dad arrives, my kitchen should look like “it” and that’s how it all began. I really wanted to do away with this and install open shelving but like I said, it’s difficult to bore drills for you’d be questioned for that. So, I went ahead and gave it some life.

Here is what I did:

I took down all that i had and cleaned it with soap water.

Next, I filled all the gaps with putty and gave it a coat of white.

With a sand paper, distressed a bit n began with the paper backs


All you need to do is take measurements of each individual counter and cut cardboards of the exact size. Now glue fabric on it and simply press it back. It doesn’t need gluing. Here is where I found my inspiration: http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/2012/02/fabric-backed-open-kitchen-cabinets-diy-on-a-dime-the-tutorial.html

The next step is very basic and simple. And it’s also upto you as to what you want to deck it up with. I have thing for white crockery and hence I thought it would be cool to have them finally displayed. Can you guess my favorite amongst them?

The before

Lurves, Roy

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12 thoughts on “DIY on a budget: No glue, Fabric backed kitchen cabinet”

  1. What an enormous improvement that made! It looks fantastic Rukmini! I’m sorry to hear about your washroom dilemma…but…it is a rental and I know you’ll turn it into the lovliest rental in the city without any problems! xo wendy

    Happy 1st day of Spring!

    1. Happy first day of spring Wendy! Here’s a tulip for you 🙂

      Thank you so much. Well, maybe someday I’ll have that dream bathroom of mine replete with the bath!

  2. That turned out great. At our last house, I lined the walls of one room with fabric and batting. I loved the look.

  3. So, I take it you really hate your bathroom! Okay, I’ll guess your fave is the white stag. I’ve done the same thing on the back of bookshelves when the client doesn’t want the wood painted. I use Coreplast and glue fabric on and wedge it in the back. Your’s looks great!

      1. Rukmini , I have I BHK in a highrise but the whole project is so daunting that I am putting it off for years. I wish I had your imagination and tenacity.

  4. gurrrl, you make it look so easy. i love how you jump right in there and add beauty. i tend to overthink and stall and analyze to the point that the projects remain unfinished. my sister is like you and she is so good for me because she comes with that nudge, that WE CAN DO THIS tude.

    best to you.


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