Morning real ladies. The girl has been really busy in here.

Looks like the most boring work and added freelance weren’t enough that we got two new rodent roomies (who are now our best friends) to keep us on our toes. 7 in the morning and you’ll hear them squeal for food. Yes, it’s totally “oh, no” but its adorable. I love waking up to them every morning, and as I write this post, they are on my lap proofing it while im sipping on some Darjeeling Tea. Life’s not that bad you know. Specially when you can print your own tablecloth with everyday veggies like potatoes and make it look like ‘the buy’ from a boutique store. No?

From what’s happening in and around blogland I know you all are ready for Spring. Flowy dresses, Spring crafts, Spring-Summer specials, muslin drapes, soda by the porch and surfing? Tell you what, we’ve moved on a little further over here. The Indian subcontinent has welcomed summer recently and we are craving for some dreamy whites and cool colors.

Hence, in my endeavor to block print myself a new table cover  for summer I couldn’t think of any color better to break the monotony than turquoise. I dangled a bit between black and yellow but settled eventually for this pretty shade of blue.

An extremely easy craft, if you have time and patience unlike me, you can print drapes, bedspreads and almost everything with potatoes and fabric color and the result is professional and stunning. I tried a beach themed drape later for my kitchen and it came out well too. In the next post 🙂

Here’s how

You will need a large potato, actually the size will depend on the size of the print you are trying to achieve, and two knives.  Honestly even one knife will do. I’m very prone to accidents so i like to stick to particular knives meant for particular jobs.

One one half carve your design with the smaller knife. You can use a carver too if you are planning a design that’s more intricate.

On a plate pour the color of choice, brush the potato very lightly with the color and practice a couple of times on a white paper. When you get the print right with the right amount of color, move on to the fabric.

I printed them in diagonal lines, you can use straight lines, floral patterns, only the edges- totally upto you.

Let it dry for about 6-8 hours

Wash in cold water and iron on the reverse.

NOTE: Never iron fabric print on the same side the print has been made. It will take the print off.

Pretty much nothing. The kind of crafting I’m a master of 😛

Have fun.

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18 thoughts on “Spring-Summer Craft: Potato Block Print Tutorial”

    1. Thank you Maureen… I’ll be at yours in a while. I’ve missed so much..I must catch up. my babies are doing fantastic. I wish I was them 🙂

  1. hi ! I am back ! Just in time to read this wonderful post of yours ! Just gorgeous !
    So sorry we could not catch up though – by the time I reached Bombay (after covering 5 other cities between Kolkata and Delhi), I fell sick ! It was a really sad way to end holidays really.
    I will now go and read all other posts that I have missed 🙂

  2. we were taught this in school, i never liked my art class
    but your blog has changed my perspective……!
    😛 😛 😛
    good work 🙂

  3. This looks great and not too difficult to do, even better! I am in love with your two Guinea pigs, I had one growing up and I was so obsessed, I even used to brush him with a toothbrush, haha. Enjoy them, they’re so sweet 🙂 xo K

    1. Easy crafts are right up my alley. Oh! You had a Guinea Pig!!! In my case its my fiance who is obsessed. He would spend all the time with them, feeding them, cuddling them….they are super cute. Tooth brush is a good idea.

      Love ya.

  4. Oh I love this! So sweet and summery. I can’t wait for summer for all the reasons you mentioned. I just love all your creations, they are so wonderful! And I love your new little additions! I just want to hug them!
    Thank you for all your kind comments about my brother-in-law and paintings. 🙂
    Enjoy this beautiful day!

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