Hi there. Well, I’m really not in the best of my writing/ descriptive self at the moment but here are a few snippets from bhandardara, where we went for the New Year’s Eve. I’ll write about the place and where we stayed in my next post.

Loved me some red. I was still alright.

one of my favorite subject for photography: clouds, sky and sunrays.

CR aka Saurabh Sharma and Rohan’s best friend. Ya, all these years i thought it was me 😛 You gotta see these guys together. The whole world fades around them. Saurabh Sharma possesses the innate power of going inside your brain and play with the calming nerves inside. If you do not know him it could lead to serious fights (i had one) but once you do, you’ll start enjoying his ramblings. I also gave him a dirty name 😛

This is my favorite pic of Rohan from the trip. He and his guitalele (A cross between a guitar and an ukulele)

The troopies. The one in green is john, The one on the left with his camera is Abhishek and the cluster of peeps gracing the center is CR, Charlie aka Sheryl aka Boozefairy and Rahul, her guy.

And I also loved me some bokeh. This is about 18 hours later from me going zombie. Y’all need to listen to that story. In the next post again.

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