A tiny holiday resort village located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, near the Sahyadri mountain range, Bhandardara is cradled and nourished by the Pravara river and leads to the highest peak in Maharashtra: Mount kalsubai @ 1646m.

Well, if you are up for some serious adventure, trekking, swimming and hiking, you’ll find this place to be exceptionally apt. But we really never did anything of that sort. Why? because we are the lazy sort. Instead we ate, drank and sang a song or two. Explored the local cuisine and gulped it all of with some beer at a local beer bar. Spent the terminal days of 2011 in ease. So instead of doing all that muscle straining activities we snugged in here!

 Since everywhere else was full, we had to pick these up at some exorbitant rates. Or maybe not that much, anyway. Each tent could accommodate 2 people and 3 at the most with an extra bed. We were 7 so we took 3 tents. Comfy? Come on ahead and I’ll show you the interiors of our one day Bedouin life.

here we are! I was particularly smitten by the fabric inside. Block print! I love block prints. Well, the fact that except for a tent cloth, it was an open bathroom didn’t restrict me to carry these.

 My victoria’s secret garden body mist and lotion and shower creme by Baileys and Hardings, England. I’m a freak.

Our tents ran by a beautiful stream and we partied all night out with campfire. And here my boy, the story begins. Some harmless rum got me real high and I lost my sense of humor. To all who reads me, let me tell you although I have my moments of anger, I am in general a very patient girl. I only get angry twice a year. I guess I began my new year with one. Just a couple of hearty talks and friendly banter made me so angry that I vent out my anger on someone else instead. Hahaha, from all that I could remember, I had people consoling me in my tent and all that. Such was the intensity. And it all stopped with a classic puke- rescued by no other but the love of my life. Even in that bathroom, he kept his calm and told me: “Don’t worry. Happens to the best of us”. Tell me why won’t I love him! I am crazily in love with him.

Anyway, coming to the point, even if I had a tiff that night and I still feel quite embarrassed about it, there is one thing I understood clearly. In this whole world, there will be never be anybody who will love me as much as this man does. My new year party was successful, right there, the very moment. Oh and one more time. When I found these beauties by the stream yo!

I know its not visible but the stones are pure turquoise! I’ll update with a pic in the morning.

And Raw quartz crystals! Again, this calls for an another pic.

While coming I was so so soooo tired that I couldn’t take any pictures but this

Bokeh with little hearts!

Well, what began well, ended well. The dent in between we shall forget. After all, we are all friends and I love all of them who went with me.

Here’s to a brand new year with brand new opportunities. Laugh, live, shine and love.

11 thoughts on “Where, What and When @ Bhandardara: Spell Bhun-der-dar-aa”

  1. Ahh, yes I have been there before due to a little bit of harmless vodka. I am glad that all ended well and can I say that your tent is gorgeous!!!! It sounded like a great night all in all. 🙂

    The shell tie was made by someone else but it looks like all she did was super glue or hot glue twine inside the shell. I would love to do one like that since I only have one and need another on the the other side, if I do I will for sure post it.

    1. Hahahaha Michelle. Yeah, blame on that effin alcohol. It was a great night. Losing my temper earned me 2 new friends.

      I’ll try the shell thing. I love it.

  2. Ewwww – sick in an outdoor privy! The scenery was nice though. I must say that’s the most interesting New Years post I’ve seen! lol

  3. I have slept in a tent, on more than one occasion. But never in a tent like that one! Beautiful! Not a good place to have a hangover though. 🙁

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