Well hello again! How goes it around the world? What are you girls wearing? What make up? Who’s throwing a party and what’s on the menu? New year after 5 days of Christmas is so not fair! Anyway, I have to show you this really easy holiday craft that I basically created out of nothing. There were no inspiration, no links from where I copy-catted this and absolutely nothing. I don’t even know what I was thinking when I made this. Result of spiked coffee refills I guess! I had a couple of plain glass jars to which I tied twine. My original plan was to simply fill them with sand and stud candles. But somehow, the idea was not appealing to me the way it should have. Blame it on the berries. I desperately wanted to get some berry branch to keep in them and the climate in which I live, finding one would be a miracle. Solution? Second standard craft revisited with a twist.

We learnt about this craft while we were in school. But it was more like taking a broom stick through a paper cut into flowers. I twisted it with styrofoam balls.

Choose the height of your broom stick and give it a rub with sandpaper.

Take some styrofoam balls (the ones you pour inside a balloon at a birthday party or something) and stud them in at intervals.

Now, brush it with some white adhesive, both the stick and the styrofoam and dowse it in red glitter.

Let it dry and enjoy!

I was very pleased with this craft. Lol, it was not only easy but brought the childhood back.

See you all on a brand new day, at a brand new year where all is beautiful, peaceful and sunny. Wishing you all a very happy new year. I really really reaaaaallly love you all.

Off to spend the year by the lake.

Love and wishes


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6 thoughts on “Trumatter’s Easy Crafts: Faux Berry Branches”

  1. happy new year’s eve’s eve, roy!

    what a cheerful sweet cutie you created…spiked coffee, huh?

    best to you in your creative journey, and i don’t get over to twitter very often, but maybe in 2012 i will learn to utlize it.


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