Peonies, How to make bed, tea and a small tutorial laces our blog today and I am loving October already!!! The cool air, the festive atmosphere, the deep green trees, the bird’s chirp, wondering why did I even come to work. {Umm hello, because I have work? And they are naaaice people who pay me and involves me in all kinds of food tasting? Legit?} Honestly, in an ideal world, I will only chill at my bed hotel like bed, drink tea, pretend to read a book when truth will be that I will only play with my cat and walk a certain corner multiple times without anything to do with the place simply because it has a gorgeous Peony candle in there which makes the whole place smell of peonies. That is also probably why I will never know what beer has hit town, which jeans is out of fashion and which cat be meaowing. Really though. I am going deeper under a rock in equal intensity as my home skills are improving, just in opposite direction! But hey, burrow to hotel like bed works very well for moi!

How to make bed. Hotel Like Bed

That almost sounded like the James Bond of Decor world. But honestly, it one very little skills {unlike James Bond} to have a fabulous bed. All you really need is a couple of nice bedsheets- preferably two solids and one in prints and Indulgeville had been super kind to send their amazing bedspreads to me for the demonstration. By the way, did you check their 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton Bedding? Oh my goodness. They are so, so good. You know, you’ll never get the hype unless you’ve slept on one 1000 TC. I can’t write enough and convince you. You HAVE to sleep on it. Just don’t sleep on the idea of sleeping on one for too long.

Argh, God, I can really lose myself on word plays. But coming to the point, here’s how to make bed the hotel way. And all it takes is 5 minutes.

You’ll need

1. 3 bedsheets and 2 pillow sets or more if you have more pillows
2. A good song to fuel you as you are doing this. May I suggest, Autumn in Newyork? Or Summer time? What is it at yours?

How To Make bed the Hotel way. Mwahaha

Step 1: Choose a basic, lighter shade for the b. I used 1000 thread count white bedding by “By Adab”

Step 2: Keep your printed bedsheet, facedown. Keep your contrast plain bedsheet on top of that, leveling them by edge. Cover your entire bed with the double-sheets but do not tuck them in. You will fold them to say about 1/4th length of your bed length.

Step 3: Why face down? Because remember, the manufacturer has designed the printed side to be softer, and thus it should be placed on the bed printed side “down”. When you tuck yourself in, you want to experience the softer side. Also when folding back the covers, this allows the printed side to show, which makes it look good. If you have a patterned or monogrammed side, always face it face down. When you fold the top edge towards the foot of the bed,the design is exposed.

Step 4: Add pillows covers. Always place your printed/patterned covers at the back and solid colours in front unless you are using a group of small pillows which you can use as accents. Why? Because it looks better when it peeks through rather than shadowing the solids.
Step 5: Tuck the loose ends inside your mattress or you could just tuck the loose end of the double-sheets at the foot of your bed and leave the length open to cover the loner side of your bed. A lot of people use bed skirts so in that case you’ll definitely tuck it in.

Step 6: Jump in!

#DID YOU KNOW: In the US and Canada, sheets are often sold in a four-piece set consisting of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases. In China, a four-piece set consists of a duvet cover, two pillowcases and either a fitted or flat sheet.- Source

About the Peony candle

oh so I just wanted to put in a word that these candles by GoodEarth are so darn amazing!!! A spring fragrance that complements autumn beautifully and takes your breath away. I have never smelt a peony so this was a first. Gosh, must grow peony.

About the Tea

Well, nothing really. I just really like Darjeeling tea, perhaps because it reminds me of tea back home. We don’t do granules there and granular chai is what I picked up in Mumbai {and I love it now, with or without Ilaichi} but on days I just wake up and crave for a cup of home. Too bad my dear tea is almost in its last leaves. Need to give that hint to the husband who very sweetly packed two packets of Orange Pekoe from me from the busiest alleys in Mumbai. He does stuff sometimes that is so sweet. Sometimes though.

So tell me, will you sleep in a whatever bed or will you sleep in a hotel like bed, now that I have taught you how too make bed the hotel way? Trust me. Spare that 5 minutes and you’ll be so happy to tuck yourself in. Great habits start with making your own bed {I think I need Tim Ferris to talk about this on one of his shows or Rohan won’t do it} and here I have a habit for you that’ll sort you for life. I think my grandmother first taught me How to make bed first and I never quite forgot her trick. It’s a different thing that many years later I found out this is the hotel trick. Wonder where she learnt all this from. But then she was also the lady who had China from the palace of Birmingham thanks to her circle of friends who constantly flew in and out. What an enigma that woman. Too bad we spoke too little of this.

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