Time for Trumatter Weekly, ladies and gentlemen.

A column {well sort of} that I write for my myself {and you, if you are interested in some serious indepth ranting} every Friday because lets face it, this blog is my best friend and there is way too much happening week on week to keep it within one’s self. Haha, has to be vomited out somewhere and lets face it I am the most comfortable unleashing my Amelie type observations over in here, specially because it doesn’t ask me to shut up.

So what happened over the week? Find out in Trumatter Weekly

Mumbai has been throwing some beauty of a weather lately which vaguely sort of resemble “fall”. Okay its just cloudy and cool but given its almost October {fire alarm} this is a pleasant change. Over the weekend I also met a few people who were very nice to bring us a shot of Limoncello from Italy and I loved it. I thought after Baileys, this was the bees knees.

Trumatter weekly also has some sad news. Unfortunately I had to end a collab we have been very keenly working on because well- the accounts. I shouldn’t be writing all this but I do think someone needs to look into the accounts system and weed out those who think pancard has anything to do with NEFT transfer. Really bummed. But I guess its alright.

This week, also, I spoke with a few wonderful set of people who creates some even more awesome stuff which hopefully I will have the opportuinity to introduce to you. Oh, and we also did a cool DIY this week and are running a contest which ends in exactly 48 hours and 3 mimutes. HURRY.

This Friday evening however, it will be the cat and I because the husband goes to Kualalumpur. But I am cool because shoot all day and desserts for breakfast. Wuhoo. The morning however was a real disaster. Changed three rickshaws, fought with one over 10 bucks {if its not such a big deal, why would you ask}, the earphone conked off at my favourite song which I tossed in a dustbin, the third rickshaw fell in a pothole coming to a horrible hault and straining my poor back. If Trumatter Weekly dies, you blame this rickshawallah

Also found a puddle of cat puke in my bathroom but that doesn’t make me sad because its been a week.

Ah! I feel so light and feather like already. {Must be 55 kilos at this point}
Happy Friday y’all. Have rants? go for it, full steam in my comments section. I dare ya.

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