Shubho Ponchomi, ladies and gentlemen

Today marks the beginning of Durga Puja {legitly} and what better day to start them giftings. Seriously, Durga Puja back home is all about fun, food, new clothes, gifts, endless hours with mom and tea, and looking at jewelry catalogues {for mom, not me} Of course, that whole “buying new clothes at Durga Puja” has mellowed down a bit {a friend told me yesterday it died..haha} considering we buy throughout the year now {thank you AJIO and export surplus} but that Pujo spirit is still flickering- somewhere. Thankfully, the spirit is not just alive and kicking but is also feeling very generous. I don’t know why but suddenly it feels a lot better to give than to receive and I am calling it the “being a better person” syndrome, if not age! Can I please insert a wink here?

To celebrate Durga Puja and to make our Shubho Ponchomi worth, Indulgeville and I have teamed up to send you a sliver of indulgence- one I think will start your festive season quite right. Here’s your chance to win yourself the perfect little monogrammed “thirsty” face towel made “By Adab” with 650 GSM cotton which makes it as soft as cloud. I love monogrammed everything and I love myself a soft swad of the softest cotton post bath, and I thought it’ll be the perfect thing to get you started on the plush trail. Believe me you, nothing compares to the luxury of a good towel post a nice bath and I am really keen on you trying these towels.

Why? Because I’ll have to tell you that I have been using towels by Indulgeville in my master and as well in my Guest bath and they are amazing. I am a thrifty girl but I am more about “worth” than just cheap things. A product has to justify its worth to me for the money and I find these towels to be totally, totally worth. Compare a cheap one side by side and you’ll know the difference. Even after 2 washes {or perhapps 3} the towels are just as soft as it was when I started using them. Which is often not the case with towels that are ubiquitously available. Plus, the colours are so pretty, it instantly cheers your bath up. Made in solids and in soothing colours, these towels add so much more than they are intended for- I adore them.

By the way, did you know a set of good towels- and good towels alone- can instantly primp up your bathroom? How you ask?

How to primp up a bathroom with Towels

Roll them up in a shelf, hang them by a few good knobs or simply fold them and add a drop of essential oil to them to keep your bathroom smelling amazing. You can read all about a nifty bathroom makeover in our last blog where we spoke about turning your bathroom to a home spa. Towels are pretty versatile if you ask me!

So yeah, want one? With your own initial on it? Play with us!

Contest Rules

1. Like trumatter and indulgeville on instagram
2. Like indulgeville and trumatter on facebook
3. Tell us, the last worst towel you’ve used
4. Whose initial would you want stitched

That’s it. Leave a comment on our blog and we’ll choose a winner by Sunday. Please note, we are playing this on instagram too so winner will be chosen tallying entries for both the platforms.

Ready? You better hurry.
Not keeping you any further with words.
Shubho Ponchomi to you! May your festive season be super indulgent.

5 thoughts on “Shubho Ponchomi & A Monogram Towel Giveaway”

  1. I do not actually remember the brand name of the worst towel i’ve used last but i can never forget the trouble it caused.

    ” V ” would be great as an stitched initial for me to keep it as my own. Thank You. Hope I Get Lucky. 😉🤞.

  2. 1) The Worst Towel expreince was when i bought from a sale on e-commerce site …ah that was worst experience of my life , i was in a hostel and can’t forget that ditch by the company, it was showing used Hydrocotton but it was worst….

    2) i’d like to get “R” / “RK” stiched on that denoting my name Raman..Thanx Hope to get lucky..!

  3. Worst Towel I used was in Sheraton. The Towel had Paw Marks over it, Dog Fur and Smelled like Dog Shit.

    Shining Line on the Clouds was when I complained regarding this and the Manager Apologized and made my Entire Stay including Food Bills Complementary

    Initials I Would Love – Tushar or TJP

  4. The Co-optex honeycomb towels during our stay at a hotel in Panchgani (Maharashtra) They were so yikes, that I distinctly remember them even till date. The initial I’d love to get monogrammed are those of my hubby, (Instagram: @aman_khajanchi) “A” and mine being “K” (Following trumatter and indulgeville on IG as well as FB) and have participated on IG as well…

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