Well, the rain sort of stopped a bit and it was nice and sunny after a while. Took out my camera and shot the loverly monogram kitchen towel that Rohina from sent in! I am so super heart for everything monogram- I am never quite using this to clean up. I am guessing the clothes have finally dried and I will be able to enjoy a clean, washed nightsuit this arvo. FINALLY. Probably chug a roast in the oven and have some coffee and watch a cooking show. Add some potatoes to it. Also probably have one good evening after a 100 years of what feels like extreme Feline service and waking up to the fantastic, organic smell of yellow vomit. Probably also have some wine but that’s chiefly secondary at the moment. The need of the hour is a good, long bath, some skincare, a bit of feline {long haired} snuggle and coffee.

The need of the hour is also a quick marks and spencer visit- I’ve heard they have sale on. I also want to pick up a bottle of Bohemia- which by far stands as one of my favourite perfume. But that’s war trying to get to Ghatkopar to do anything at all. It’s me smelling good vs me really frustrated trying to get to a place like 20 minutes from my office in more than an hour. I think you already know what I am leaning towards.

By the way, here is the Feline in question. I think I could see no more past those 6 shots. I mean look at him. He is so tiny. Found out that guy wasn’t a doctor at all and was just a mere compounder who sort of assists a doctor in his service. He has no certification to actually prescribe medicine. I am Hydrochloric acid right now and I can burn him straight in. How could he do this to my cat, treating him like a guineapig? What a cow.

But it’s all fine now. Hopefully and crossing every little finger in my body. I’ve got to chill in tomorrow and meet a set of friends over the weekend {preferably with some muffins which will get the rust out of my shaky hands} and then later plan out for an upcoming vacay, show you all how to make a hotel like bed, and a beautiful lifestyle store called Baya Designs. Shaking it off and moving on. Haha, moving on..gettig over…Yes yes John Mayer in life’s most troubled times please with a side of beer.

About Friday Weekly

Friday weekly is a small weekly roundup {read: Rant/cry/howl or celebration} of the week past. I thought of starting a small, weekly column because I am quite often finding myself amidst grueling chores {exaggerating here} and funny situations that are either outrageous or hilarious. Not a week goes by that something abruptly interesting doesn’t happen and I think it’ll be good if I found confidante in you and this blog- ever so once again- as I have all these years before doing decor full time.

If all those white image gave you a feeling that my life is perfect, this will get the bunkers. And ofcourse I need a place to regurgitate all those wormy thoughts in my head so sanity can prevail, yeah?

To another week then, where hopefully things will be nicer.

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