Fall colours, an easy fall DIY and a very weird week coming to an end. A week that could use some flowers, a movie and a glass of wine. Some Tea perhaps made with love. And a good candle burning somewhere with its soft, flickering flame. In fragrances of peony, Lilly or something a bit more uplifting. Sitting on my table in the shaggiest of pajamas today {still no tea because no milk} which ought to be away in bin land already, I got sucked into an universe of in-head conversations that ran Four light years around the world if someone had to keep a tab. What started from a discussion over my failure to provide tea {Yes, funny how tea can give birth to home related revolutions, but executed rather civilizedly} led to thought trails that mapped a hundred years back when skies were bluer and things didn’t become my responsibility per se, and I could bang the door at my will {things escalated quickly here} not make tea and buy a huge ass coffee for me and be extremely okay with the fridge being empty. {At this point of time, my head is so angry I could fling a few things and be done with it}{Offloaded a bit to my maid and definitely a bit on the cat}{My god people can be so demanding. And how did he say the bai has to do this? Does the bai do anything without my head in it? Oh my god. This is a joke.}

Okay, you get the gist. It was a very humble homely matter that shot off to space. In other days I probably would have just felt mommyish and ignored it but a PMSing body and a tired mind can really be a recipe for disaster. I might have banged a few doors when no one’s looking and stepped out of the house. The air felt nice.

A kilometer into the rickshaw, the head felt a bit better and clarity prevailed. The first thing I ordered for is a pot of tea for the certain someone who brouhahaed a lot about tea this morning {given the fact that this certain someone didn’t have tea for the majorest part of his life and I introduced him to tea, coffee and momos. Might have felt a little proud here somewhere deep down the bones} and ordered a vanilla cappuccino for moi- all thanks to Swiggy.

Halfway to work, I crossed the bridge to town, looked at the shallow pits of sand that the gurgling monsoon sea has brought in, form little islands that glittered in the sun and felt very good. Saw a flock of birds flying- which might be the migratory bird that told me winter is not long. And probably, like every time, I am experiencing an autumn of my heart. It’ll shrivel and swither and shed- the feelings, the experiences, the bads and the ugly- and then grow new leaves again to soak all that the year next has to offer. Suddenly the sadness seemed like an integral process of growing and there by living.

But then Autumn really makes me think. On a nice rainy day, I would think shallowly of a hot pizza or a glass of old monk rum with cola. Those are really happy shallow thoughts that do not move beyond the apparent. Autumn on the other hand is all about reflections. Probably we are all deciduous.

By now, I had forgotten all about the tea affair and had a lovely conversation with myself. Chuckled as a good 40 minutes had passed since and there I was feeling pretty A-OK standing at the foot of the staircase. And that’s when I thought of the lovely autumn leaves!

An Easy Seasonal DIY

Did you know a bunch of yellow to brown leaves could make a beautiful centerpiece for your home? For that country cottage look, add them in an old enamel pitcher or pot, and accentuate the look with a few fruits in autumn colours- like pomegrenate, apple or oranges. If you have ripe pears, you could add that too. I have been using seasonal fruits and leaves to add in a bit of outdoor to my decor, forever, and it serves as a pretty cheap alternative to store bought decor- not to mention it looks pretty cozy too.

Phew. 700 words worth of rant. And I am feeling nothing about it being a Friday night. Probably because I already know the week next is going to be a goat on a tight noose.

Hahaha, okay. I’ll just go.

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