Good evening people (morning to those of you starting your day) I promised myself (and on blog- which means to some 90 odd people) that this year I will blog more often (I said everyday) and take out time to do things I love to do.  Although this is not one of those things I necessarily ‘love’ to do but this is something I definitely would want to talk about this beautiful evening.

One thing I have realized coming this far is that I have terrible hair. That being said, given Mumbai’s fantastic sticky climate condition, I am still dealing with bad hair days, or was, until I picked the Garnier Fructis GoodBye Damage Shampoo quite impulsively from a store. 2 more to 30, I think I can pretty much map the kind of hair I had all my life and I really had no faith in this product too. Believe it or not, in my hay days, I was a hair product junkie and I would buy pretty much anything and everything that showed on TV. Sometimes I’d take tips and use multiple shampoos and still end up with a cotton candy hair, and this is when I was 18, staying in an almost pollution free, little hilly town called Darjeeling.

Things went for the worse when I came to Mumbai. The change in climate, food habits, general habits and irregular work time took a toll on my skin and hair and I was stuck in a perpetual bad hair day with unmanageable frizz, volume, roughness, split ends and oh, hairfall!!! I first thought it’s the water, then thought it’s the shampoo, then the diets and then I thought it’s just my hair. Wash it today and my hair is flat, limp, sweaty and disgusting tomorrow. Life really got hard.

Surprisingly, no one told me about this shampoo! It just caught my eye and the lines: “Wash 1 year of damage in just 3 washes.” and”continuus exposure to sun, pollution, dirt and dust spoil your hair making it lifeless and prone to breakage”. Yup, these guys have really watched us struggle. So will this work? Considering they understand the problem. So I bought it. And I have to agree that I am extremely happy with it.

This is how my hair looks generally:

IMG-20131218-WA0000And this is how it falls with the Garnier Fructis GoodBye Damage Shampoo:

20140111_142615I simply combed my hair when dry. No ironing or styling products used.

Does it really work? Lets take the challenge: 

Mumbai, in India, like every other metro is full of dust, sunny all year round and there is dirt, I swear there is. Wash your hair and stay at home and you’ll have a mass of soft hair, though unruly in my case. But do the mistake of stepping out without covering your hair and its a tangled mass of bullshit. I dared to step out with washed hair today (wet), uncovered and it did not tangle!

Why does it work

Now this bit is just picked up from the bottle- Enriched with Amla and fruit vitamins, this powerful formula repair hair from inside out and seals in damaged cracks. (Possible! Because my hair never felt softer)

Its secret

A double action to repair damaged hair:

On the inside:The nutrients penetrate into the hair fibre to fill in cracks caused by damage.

On the outside: The formula seals the cuticle and protects the hair fibre making your hair uniformly smooth through lengths.

Does it work on hairfall?

YES. Two wash and you’ll see your hair fall visibly less.

Would I recommend?

Definitely. Don’t take my words for it. Buy a small bottle and try it out. You’d see the difference from the very first wash.

I give it a full 5.

***This is it from the girl who once had bad hair and this post is sponsored by no one else but me. 

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