A very happy New Year 2014 to you and hence forth, you shall receive a daily dose of Trumatter in your inbox!



My resolution for this year? To blog everyday, Show you a lot of stuff that’s happening in this part of the world, travel solo, do what I love, lose weight and go healthy. Most importantly, I’m going to find happiness in little things and not look for it.


To keep with the spirit, I shall be sleeping in a Tent tonight.








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8 thoughts on “Trumatter is back”

  1. You are going to sleep in the tent? The best times in my life were in a tent in the Northern Ontario wilds. Twelve miles upriver to the nearest person. Meals cooked on an open fire. Stars, wildlife, Northern lights and the call of the Loon and I am a ‘happy camper’ as we say in my neck of the woods.

    1. Maureen, I still haven’t slept in it. I think about doing it everyday but there isn’t an open space anywhere near my home…in this big shitty city…and I am getting really scared with the idea of sleeping in the balcony because there is like a colony of mosquitoes. They might pick me up and go away. But seriously…how I’d love to sleep in a tent 🙁
      Of course you have heard how safe India is with regards to women’s safety right? That’s a major concern too.

  2. blog everyday? wow. I think that would be hard and hard for me to read! As much as I love your stuff! Would love to hear about your strides with health and weight as I am doing the same this year.

    1. Lol… guess some resolutions are meant to be broken. It’s been a week since I did my last post. This year though, I’ve picked health over gluttony. I intend to do a mountain trek in october and I’d need both strength and stamina to do that. Plus over weight will only make me tired. So yeah, its gonna be a healthy year..or so it looks like!

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