IMG_0926Well, good day. How goes it in your neck of the woods? The girl here is nominated for the Blogadda blogger awards and it stirs so much that I thought it would be almost unhealthy to keep it bottled. Oh and also, you can vote for me here:

Honestly, I couldn’t write a better headline to describe the position I am in. Or maybe I should change it to ‘To be old is to be content is to be, well…high’. Lol…I am completely taken over by powerful emotions, which I am now recollecting in tranquility like Wordsworth, and its all from the hay days where this girl used to share her bedroom with 1 other, have a 9-8 job- all the while dreaming of her own beach home- trying to make it in a new city & filling her room with bits and bobs {or whatever she could grab off the shelf of her quaint Darjeeling home} to inspire her; to add a touch of familiarity which friends called ‘a flair for decor’ and mortally allergic to social network. That was when I was young and sadness {ah, you beauty} followed soon.

Time was no constraint. I had all the time in the world and absolutely no reason to come home too. The boyfriend {Then, and now the husband} stayed approximately 21 kms away from my house and meeting him was the only thing I looked forward to in this drudgery I called life. But you can’t just count days now, can you? So it began, the little tête-à-tête sessions with art & craft, never-ending cups of tea or glasses of beer {Yeah, Im a man that way} and an open mind. Back then, I used to have no camera and I was using one that my office gave. Sad right?


In no time really, I was creating things. I was high on inspiration, low on cash and loaded with time- a situation that perfectly formed the milieu for a budding artist.  I was sleeping at 2, waking at 4, whitewashing furniture with coats of white, repainting them before going to work, taking before and after photos, waking up in the wee hours to see how sunlight looks through the new sun-catcher- mailing my husband the new wins– oh, I was high. I was high, high, high on ideas- countless, unending, like worms and every closure brought me to another possibility to create. Because he kept appreciating, I kept creating- like some sort of a decor junkie. I was so high that I got sick.

These chairs & the table are one of the first I painted. Have kept them ever since!

In 2010, in a warm May day, I mailed some photos to my colleagues at work. Damn things couldn’t keep it to themselves and passed it on to my business head. Oh! Now, he was a sight. 6 ft tall, build like a machine, strong like the minotaur and a phd is kravmaga- he walks up to me and tells me- “Rukmini, all these things you do- maybe you could blog. Network a little. People would love to see.” Believe me you, before this I had no idea that I can also blog. Blog then was like Google glasses to me. I knew it existed but that I could also do it was a bit far cry. The idea of people seeing what I do was appealing but the idea of social network & networking was sort of appalling. I really had very strong views on social platforms. But what can you do when your boss asks you to do it write? 😉 Oops, right? (blogadda, that’s me playing along a bit)

We called it Trumatter because Plagiarism Detector was open on our PCs and we didn’t want to write anything that’s faff and stolen. On close heels followed comments {dear joy, people from Alabama are seeing what I am doing in this tiny, rickety house that’s reeking of mediocrity in architecture & construction?}, I took that step to ‘network’ by commenting on theirs and the rest is m***** F****** history!

From bhangarwali & kalamwali bai to a decor enthusiast, a blogger and now an editor. The journey was fun. Oh! To be young is to be sad is to be high!

Note: Blogadda gave us 3 keywords to blog (to win free passes)- write, inspire, network & This post has been written as  part of the WIN '14 Activity at BlogAdda!

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16 thoughts on “To be young is to be sad is to be high!”

  1. Hey Rukmini
    I typed out my mail to you..but could not find your mail address Im pasting my mail here..sorry about that 🙂

    Hi Rukmini
    Let me start with a big OH MY GOD!!!! where have you been all my life?? I dont know how I missed your blog, when all along I have been looking for a space like yours..
    I think it was destiny or divine intervention that led me to a blog where you had left a comment and that comment led me to your blog..
    Honestly I wasn’t prepared for what I saw..I was blown away, to say the least. Once I gathered my bearings there were a ton of questions I needed answers to…so I set out on a mission..combing through your blog with a fine toothed comb..and boy did I enjoy every detour 🙂
    I was so super impressed that I was certain that trumatter is an international blog – after the first glance I was convinced, I could bet my life on the fact that this has to be an international blog..
    but boy what a pleasant surprise!! you are just a few hours away from me yay!!!
    Well long story short…congratulations on such a gorgeous blog and for doing awesome work..
    I have voted for you, I think you deserve to win more than any of the others..
    Thank you for a lovely day..I am sure Ill be dropping by often..
    much love

    1. Im at a loss of words now Abhilasa…your comment certainly made by day 🙂 Im a socially awkward person so dont know how to respond to praises at…everytime I get an email like this, I just go into the whole “type-think-delete-type-think-delete” mode. Hahaha..well honored. All I can really say. Are you from Bombay?

  2. Oh my what a great honor for you! Where do I vote? I’m anal and don’t see where. Even if you don’t win you are the best in my book!

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