Tea, Tea tins and Tea tin floral arrangement: this is the happy topic of our discussion today & this is exactly the kind of things I like to write about. I mean who wouldn’t love to sip on to some amazing gourmet tea, get an adorable tea tin as bonus, make a cutesy floral arrangement and blog about it? I don’t want drake’s hot line bling life. I want a life full of great teas. Grab your cuppa, I’ve got a pot of Chilli Chai to finish! 

Trumatter + teatrunk 2You know, it’s just by chance or by sheer dumb luck- which of it is I don’t know- that I stumbled upon this instagram post by Tea Trunk. It was a contest, and some fabulous tea and a teapot was up for grabs. Now, to be honest, I don’t participate in contests. Not because I am too snob to get things for free but because I never win. Luck has never been on my side when the wheel spins and yet I couldn’t stop myself from participating on this one. Why? Because I was in love with the flavour, the gorgeous red enamelware teapot and most importantly the tea tin which instantly opened possibilities for a beautiful, shabby chic floral arrangement.

Seriously, try looking at the world from a decor blogger’s eyes 😉

Trumatter + teatrunk 1

Having grown up in Darjeeling and through out the North of Bengal, i can fairly claim to know my tea. I do not have a degree but i have my olfactory and tastebuds in place, and can I tell you that Tea Trunk’s Chilli Chai is one of the best black blends I’ve tasted. Just the right kind of strong with a hint of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla and red chilli flakes- Chilli Chai takes your senses on a wonderful wild ride. To the tongue it’s homogeneous and mild but wait a second and you get that romantic burn at the back of your throat- much like a good scotch on a very cold day. It makes you fuzzy! And with each sip the ingredients unfurl themselves; finding a very distinct voice in this fiery blend quite effortlessly.

Trumatter + Teatrunk 5

And now to an adorable tea tin floral arrangement

What you’ll need:

A fabulous looking Tea tin.

Choose your flowers: Because I wanted my arrangement to visually mimic the mild yet fiery taste, I chose a colour palette that includes warm off whites and yellows for my tea tin floral arrangement. You can go ahead, choose a palette that appeals to you and goes with the theme of your home.

Florists’ sponge: To hold the flowers.

How to make a perfect tea tin floral arrangement

To begin with, use scissors to trim flowers to the right height for your container.

Fuller flowers look best when they are an inch or two taller than the container while slimmer flowers can be kept a few inches longer.

Start by positioning the largest flowers in the center and work from the center outwards.

Once done adding the fuller flowers, start with adding the fillers or smaller flowers in the same way, one at a time.

If you’re using greenery, add it at the end, one piece at a time, concentrating the most greenery in the center and at the back of the arrangement.

Trumatter + teatrunk 4#ProTip: To make the perfect tea tin floral arrangement or any arrangement for that matter, choose-

2 types of flowers

1 type of filler

1-2 types of greenery depending on the size of your arrangement.

For my arrangement, I chose tube rose and yellow durch roses. Those are as main flowers. For fillers I chose Aster. And for foliage, I picked some random leaves from below my apartment. For a bit of change in normalcy; for a bit of whimsy- just like the Chilli Chai- I added one purple orchid to make the tea tin floral arrangement look more pulled in.

Tea Tin floral arrangementIm off to spend the weekend watching Christmas movies and maybe have some more tea {or something stronger at this point of time}, you go have fun decorating.

Happy Weekend y’all!

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