Welcome! I have a Christmas Home Tour for you today & its ready right on time. Grab your cup of tea and hop on!

Trumatter breakfast Christmas

When it comes to decor, I play my cards simple. Keeping with my love for beach house and informal decor, I’ve kept things breezy with a whole lot of white, a bit of red and a bit of dark green. I also incorporated a little bit of orange to extend the color palette. Now, traditionally citrus is considered to be a summer element but I love how the bright orange complement the reds and greens in my decor. It not only lifts both the colours but also adds a cheery edge to them. You know, that’s the thing about orange. It’s so full of vitality as a color!

The rug is made out of dusters: yes, the ones you get so easily at a grocery shop. So is the cushion cover on my day bed. They are by no way French. But, you can, by no means, belittle these simply because their country of origin is not France. I remember buying a very expensive French grain sack linen napkin from etsy and I can tell you that the fabric and weave of these dusters are very similar to that of the French grain sacks. It’s coarsely woven but is soft to touch. I spoke a lot about them on my insta feed: are you following me on instagram? 

#Tip: There are two kind of dusters available. One where the weave is loose and the material feel thick and wooly. The other, where where the weave is tight and the fabric is close to linen. Pick one up with smaller, tighter weave. I bought mine from APMC market in Vashi. Take a closer look

Home tour Tablescape

I have used these dusters as runners too and they look absolutely fabulous. French chic without the lofty Euros. Yes, on a budget my friends, I am on a perpetual budget. I did a blog on Easy Christmas Table Settings for Houzify which should be out soon. Also, the Porcelain enamelware kettle is by Fujihoro a premium Japanese crockery brand which has launched in India. Believe me when I tell you, cheggit! The future is bright.

As for my bedroom, the colours stay as traditional as possible but with a touch of fresh foliage. Just wrapped a couple of garlands together and hung them by the hook. Added random fresh leaves from below the building and hung a mitten {which is a gift from my SIL} from the center. Very easy and ultra simple! My bedroom opens to a small balcony with my hammock in it- so you know why I never step out of the house. I sleep in, sip tea and then I doze outside. Wake up, have coffee and curl in my mom’s plaid shawl. Haha, this is my entire world.

Christmas home tour bedroom1

Actually, we have another someone in this house who ought to be mentioned in our Christmas Home Tour; one who got a spa and a Christmas makeover. Allow me to introduce you to the one who bosses us around quite effortlessly.

Trumatter RabbitMishtuk, the selfish one. If you thought a cat is moody, come see her. But then I am a human you see. I can pick her up without giving much thought about her consent and bury my cheeks into her fur. Ofcourse, she is a zesty girl {much like her mom} and would nibble if you are pushing it but once in a while she cuts me a slack.

Christmas Kitchen

Second last but not the least in our Christmas Home Tour is our wee kitchen which got it’s fair share of christmas love too! Wrapped a real mini christmas tree with some fabric and twine and added fabric Christmas ornaments from bluealcove. Btw, say hello to a fabulous new coffee machine who is just in time for Christmas & has been keeping me productive for days now. Should we call him coffee boy? Like Mark Knopfler’s Copy Boy? No? Okay!

Christmas Tree BlogAnd now, for the real last but not the least in our Christmas Home Tour: our tree. It’s a 6″ faux noble decorated with vintage cut glass baubles and candycane. I wanted a bare tree but that’s too modern for glittery ornaments loving people and a rabbit who lives in this space I call home. To see how to decorate a Christmas tree like pro, head here or here.

AP_FB_1Happy Holidays then!

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    1. Hi Michele! Oh, how have you been? Thank you 🙂 So happy to see you here. Wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year from this hoot-hood. Peace!

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