Spring summer eh? Feels like only yesterday I was knee deep in deep greens, bright reds and a bit of shimmer; saying hello to Christmas. Time flies ladies, time flies. And somehow after many many days I am feeling the same pull towards writing this blog that I used to feel when I started writing it out. I’ll be honest here- for the longest time I thought I couldn’t pen a word. There was a lot of great things happening in my life and I got a chance to work with a few fantastic decor brands but all that is strictly fine. What was missing was, the groove you know. The groove that helps you and me connect over words and do great things with little means. Took me a while to get my head around to feel like the Trumatter girl again and I am glad the grey matters worked. So yeah, spring summer. Digression is so typical of me that I don’t even apologize anymore, but no more sobby, goopy tragic stories. We’ll go straight on to spring summer trends, a little spring update of the bedroom, a few brands I loved this season and finally a news that might affect you too! But that’s later.

Spring Summer Trends 2017

Decor inspired by living slow

“Pale hands and shaky rings, a stale taste for finer things”- crooned WildChild and I could never get past the song or the time and space it carried me to. Funny how weathered patina will rise as a deecor element and not rot in the corner of a second hand shop waiting to be told that it is old and must leave all traces of its past.
The spring summer decor trends or decor trends this year in general suggests you to take a break from fast everything, chrome and instant gratifications, and urges you to live slow. Why? because process must be enjoyed. Watch the tomatoes grow, dust an old cupboard, trim the trellis- enjoy the journey of everything. And I couldn’t have put it better than this sentence by Asian Paints who announced Slow Living as the brand new trend this season.

Yes, that is why I chip my new furniture, have a few plants take over my home and keep all things old close to my heart. To create a space that helps me be Mantis in a world full of flying cockroaches. And I have been telling this- abbout embracing the old world charm- to you for a long time now but you won’t listen to me will you? Or maybe you will now πŸ˜‰

Brand Spotting: Idam has introduced a pretty little range this spring summer called “DotDotDot” and nothing would have done more justice to the philosophy of slow living than sweet prints inspired by lazy doodles on a Sunday afternoon. Jot, Dot, fleck, spot and dab are its 5 new designs but the patterns are not the only thing that’s giving it an edge. It is the implementation of Jersey fabric {Commonly used for clothing like T-shirts and hoodies, jersey knit fabrics is made from lightweight cotton yarn. You know how you snuggle into your jersey sweatshirts or feel that knitted T-shirts are the most comfortable clothing right?} in home decor that’ll make your cushions as cuddly as it could get. Best part, with time it gets softer and a lot more hyggelig. Where is that damn hammock?

Shades of Blue and Green for Spring Summer

Pantone started the cool colour trend earlier this year with Greenery being the colour of the year and Asian Paints upped the game on close heels with Intense Ocean being their #COTY for 2017. In short, think of a beautiful green house by the sea that has tea. Yup, keeping with slow living and an year of enjoying the little things in life this spring summer we will see a whole lot of moody blues flanked with greenery and bursts of metal. By the way, they say copper is out but I am telling you copper is not out. Don’t go by trends, soak it all up and do you thing.

Brand Spotting: Should you want to give your home a fresh coat of colour, look at Intense Ocean by Asian Paints and the shades in its range. Dolphins and paradise comes free.

Tropical Prints

If there one thing that’ll hit big this spring summer, it’s tropical prints. And it’ll be all out. Bright, vivacious and bold, tropical prints will ring a little vacay in our everyday life and it’ll give people two broad variants to explore their decor sensibilities- brights and mutes. A banana leaf print in solid white can very well be my wallpaper like a single rose can be a garden. Similarly, tropical prints will be in for crockery, accents, fabric and more. So basically slow living done with a bit of a jazz baby!

Brand Spotting: Check out Chumbak’s spring summer release which encapsulates the vibe and the trend perfectly. Love that pillow that says, “Good vibes only”

Terracotta & Exposed brick

Talk about slow living taken way too seriously yeah? This year terracotta and exposed brick will make an appearance but designers will give industrial a break and incorporate it in more soothing settings retaining their natural matte finish where they get to be the focal points and not like the 80’s. Keeping with slow living and farm to table trend, this could be huge in adding character to interior spaces. So go ahead and grab those terracotta jugs and jars and let them add in a bit of earth to your sky.

Brand Spotting: Didn’t see a single Indian website come up with natural terracotta though Dreamywhitelifestyle stocked up on fabulous fabulous French Tian bowls in her shop which is absolutely perfect to flaunt those summer citrus fruits in style {and which doubles as the most perfect centerpiece for your spring summer decor- think orange and lemons with leaves}

Rukmini, You told us about Life’s Lemons though

Ah yes I have. Didn’t I! It so happens that this house that we are staying in, and which we were supposed to extend, will have to be vacated. Which means you might not get to see this house post April. But hey, this home came with a 20 rupee bulb {not power saver} and nothing else so I am guessing this also means a brand new opportunity to do up another home from scratch. Which means? Oh you get the drill don’t you! I was also diagnosed with borderline high BP, mildly raised cholesterol and a very low vitamin B12 which made me do major lifestyle changes and the positive effects of which I am seeing already. I can now climb 12 floors without dying! I’ll try and add the health bit in my blog later in the year when results are a bit more visible.

For now, both bummed and excited because shifting and because I will be doing a shoot with Chumbak’s new line, then there is a sweet place in Hongkong who’s sent me a gorgeous camera bag and straps of which I am to talk about in blog and do some outdoor shoots to test its strength. Then, look out for a cute little shop layout for my online shop that’s to keep curated products from around the world.

And in all of this chaos, I am trying to enjoy the process, keeping with the spring summer trend.
Whoever told you home decor cant teach you a bit about life!

6 thoughts on “A Spring Bedroom Update, Brands I am eyeing, Life’s lemons & Spring-Summer Trends 2017”

  1. Hey! I totally understand what you are going through right now..please take care of your health my dear..n yes iam excited to see your new space tranformation in to a beautiful home..all the very best..

    1. Thank you for the kind words Meera! Looks like the next house is a riot of colours. Haha, in all whiteness I already hate it but practical decor solutions is what I blog and it will make for an interesting subject too see how that space turns out!

  2. A new year that’s gone, a new home that’s coming and a new health resolution that will stay… looks like a good beginning to 2017 for you! Stay healthy, keep smiling.. keep writing! πŸ™‚

    1. Well, like I said, the new home is so much colour…haha I dont know if I’ll die in colour OD. But hey, rolling up my sleeves and getthing S*** done is right up my alley. Lets see how this space unfurls. Thank you so much for your kind words Rittika. Means a lot

  3. Hi Rukmini !
    Take care of your health ! Awaiting to see your new house ..getting spruced up with your magic wand ( your creative and aesthetic sense :))
    Got to know about so many products as well ! Liked the dot dot dot a lot ! Thanks a lot for sharing with us .
    Take care

    1. Oh hello hi! Sorry I just saw this. Well, I am yet to corner on one πŸ™‚ Such a pain house hunting I tell you. Glad you liked my post and the products I have narrowed on…happy to help. Thank you so much for the sweet comment.

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