I am a camera girl. Through and through. Pardon me, but it is my cigarette in the tea and cigarette ritual, and I need it every darn morning. Believe me you, I could do a “I woke up like this” selfie with my camera slung around my neck and I’d still be not lying. And what could have made me happier than to receive a camera essential package on mail by iMo Straps, an outfit that designs and tailors premium camera bags and straps, all the way from Hongkong! Wait, forget all that- they read my blog in Hongkong? Whaaaa? I think I was more excited to know that they read me and my blog all the way in Hongkong than to receive one of their gorgeous cam-bags on mail. Eww, that sounds like scumbag but whatever, you get the point. Satchel, satchel! God, whatever is happening to my vocab. Certainly not very cool for a person who earns her bread and butter with words is it?

Anyway! So I wake up, I put the kettle to boil and sling my good old camera from my neck- every single damn day so you can tell that I am pretty chuffed about the fact that I will have choice in straps now. Haha, yes, I am all about little things and cheap thrills and I do love camera straps. You know what’s more great about having a sweet little strap? And a fashionable camera bag? You can stop looking like the “girl with the camera” everywhere. I am not saying there is something wrong with it and I have been doning it myself for a long time now. But somehow, I feel quite embarrassed flashing that out in a public place. Like you know, touristy! I don’t know why. It just attracts way too much attention and I am a shy one. So I think a strap is good! More so if its a sweet beige one or a nautical one. And so is a bag that you can carry from a roadside shoot to your office or family dinner without looking all caught up and cumbersome. I mean if you are constantly carrying your camera you’ll know the struggle!

Plus hey, a little gear accessory love has hurt no one. Yet. If you don’t judge fashionable phone cover, you cannot judge this for sure! Actually, I think if you are a camera enthusiast you will not only not judge but find their online store quite interesting with its fab fab straps and bags. Aztec, geometric, stripes, florals- I absolutely adore their collection. And its the same with bags! You’d find leather ones that are so chic {yes, please note the gold vintage buckles} and also ones that are made from fabric and they come with pockets and camera compartments too should you feel the need for carrying your lenses. You can see all the bags here. And ahem, this is one of my favourites.

Can’t wait to take it out for a spin and finally get some of my photos clicked with my favourite pet. But for now dinner. I have an easy one pot chicken roasting away and some netflix to corner. All I have done this weekend is house hunt. Gah.

See you all around. Hopefully with good news. XO

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