Trends for 2017 are out and I got an opportunity to speak a little about this year’s hottest trends, Living slow in Deccan Chronicle, Bengaluru. Hop on along ladies and gentlemen, this is a good trend {one I believe we should all soak in for our own good} and I have some very easy ideas to help you catch up on this. {Read: Take a trip to your basement or attic or loft where you stash away empty bottles and old stuff}

So what’s this trend all about? But before that, what is slow living?

Slow living is all about the sensory profusion. It is a lifestyle that highlights slower approaches to aspects of everyday life and emphasizes on living good and slow as opposed to living fast where most things aren’t personal. We might buy the costliest sofa there is but there are no emotions, no memory attached to it. A hand made stool is a better decor choice than a sofa that means nothing. That is the very essence of slow living.

But this didn’t randomly emerge as a trend. It first started in the food sector of Italy during the 1980s and 90s- which stressed on traditional food processes as opposed to modern techniques- as a reaction to fast or junk food. The other facets of living quickly adapted to the philosophy. So you know if I must coin it, “slow living” is all about stealing moments of bliss in a world where there is utter chaos.

And you know why I think this is the best trend there is and we should imbibe this for a lifetime?

Im pasting an excerpt from my quote in Deccan Chronicle- ‘Personally, I think it is one of the best trends we have seen in a long while because it’ll inspire people to stop and appreciate the little, finer things of life.” We, as a generation, are too aggressive. We are too ambitious, too adamant, too “want” and less “why”. A decor inspired by slow living will put the why in everything which will help us enjoy the process more than the result.

And as Asian Paints- who aptly brought out the trend in India this year- rightly puts, “Slow living is a mindful, conscious way of life, not a vacation from it. People are looking for a way to truly live the moment, every day. They are seeking experiences that engage them; body, mind and soul. Process is not a means to an end; it is the point of it. Time is treasured, and its patina embraced. Slow living is about looking deeper. It is about immersing yourself in the why of an experience, the history of an object or the layers of a relationship. It is giving everything the time it naturally needs to be its best — whether it is a conversation or a bottle of wine.”

Oh, this trend feels like home! Trust me I have never been too sharp, too fast anyway. In an agency I worked, the woman curtly told me, “Rukmini you work in an agency, are you aware of that?” I was too slow for her but in retrospect she was a terrible person too. I am not sure anything she did in her entire life has any purpose at all than to make money. Oh my god I dont believe I just said that. But its okay though. Between you and me yeah? 😉 Today I am having a good laugh and I am sure she is smirking in her usual tone about how the world is going to pits with all this “Unambitious” philosophies.

How To Live Slow ad Have a Decor That supports this

Apart from being the best, it is also the easiest trend to follow! Don’t worry about investing at all, and take a look at your loft for a change when home decor is concerned. Bring out the old trunk, a few old bottles, the set of cutlery that your grandma passed it on to you, perhaps, the crochet table cloth and the chair that you have been meaning to throw away! Add in natural fibre, old patina that are chipped and weather worn and let the rust be! It’s all about stuff that are dowsed in nostalgia and comfort.

Regarding styling your home, style it carefully carelessly. Instead of having traditional focal points like wall arts, hang your easel on the wall with a few old chopping boards or fishing oars. You could also grab a few old mirrors and hang them on the wall as wall art! Ditch the vases for vintage and old bottles and add leaves or a few sprigs of bougainvillea!

Slow Living Trend in a nutshell

This year let your decor take a cue from the feeling of cosy and inspire you to slow down, take a deep breath and take it easy. Think moody corners, time-worn patinas, freshly-washed linen, crisp cotton and things that wraps you up in a feeling of familiarity; makes you feel good about this life.

And now if you all will excuse me, I am actually getting late. Slow to be precise. Have a good friday, be trendy and have a good time. Remember money spent is never equal to happiness received.

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